10 Best Garage Storage and Organization Ideas


One of the most dreaded places to have to clean up and get organized is the garage. For many people, just thinking about cleaning out the garage can make them sick to their stomach. The problem is a lack of garage organization. Even if you clean your garage up, as you may already know, within a couple of months, it will just go back to how it was before. This article will give you some tips on how you can get your garage to look better and keep it that way through proper organization.

Without the right tools, having the nice looking organized garage will be difficult so the first thing you will want to do is to get some garage organizers. There are lots of different ones that you can get. These things can range from shelves to cabinets to wall mounted storage compartments. Before you go out and buy some though, you will need to clean out your garage first. Yes, this is the most painstaking part of the process but it has to be done. What you will want to do mainly is to throw away anything you know you no longer need. Most people will just keep junk and relocate them every now and then. This is why they end up with a ton of useless things.

Once you clear out your garage as much as possible, then next thing you want to do is to create a plan. You will need to have an idea of what sort of garage organizer you need. Do you only need to install shelves or buy a storage cabinet? Will you have to buy one of those garage organization systems that come with multiple organizers? How will you categorize your items? Where will you put these things? Knowing what you need before you go out and buy it will save you money as well as time since once you buy the products, you will know exactly what to do with it.

There are other things you will want to consider. If you have tools, then you may want to get a garage tool organizer. If you have small items, you can get a garage wall organizer to place those items on. If you can make some of these things yourself, you can also do that as well. Buying some wooden boards and installing some shelves to the wall isn't all that hard and can save you a lot of money. Of course, if you want your garage to also look nice, then you may want to get something with a nice finish.

Garage organizing products can vary in cost. It will just depend on what you get. You can get some wire products to attach to your wall for under $40 or you can buy garage systems that come with multiple pieces that can run you over $1,000. You can find and buy many of these things at your local Home Depot or if you want some more garage organization ideas, you can look online to see what other products are available. Getting these products isn't enough though. The key to keeping your garage organized for months and years to come is to make sure you place things where they belong and to throw out things you know you wont need. By doing this constantly, you will no longer have to walk into a garage that makes you sick thinking about cleaning it up.

Having some sort of garage organizer will make your life a lot easier when it comes to making and keeping your garage clean and free from clutter. One of the most time consuming tasks that many people have to go through every few months is cleaning out their garage. This is due to a couple of reasons. The first is because many people like to keep things they don't need. They don't have space for it in the house so they put it in the garage because its easy. Another reason is because they don't have the right garage organization systems set in place to make keeping the garage clean easy. When things are hard, people are less likely to do it. Lets talk about what you can do to get your garage the way you want it.

In any type of organization project, the first thing you will have to do is throw away things that you don't need. The general rule is that if you haven't used it for over a year then you'll probably never use it. Many people will store seasonal items in the garage such as heaters and fans so if a year goes by and you haven't used it, this means that no matter what season it is, its useless to you. By doing this, you will have fewer things you will need to organize and your job will be a lot easier. Its a lot easier to just throw things out than to just relocate them somewhere else.

The next thing you will want to do is draw out a plan. This plan or blueprint will basically consists of a picture of what you want your garage to look like. Organizing a garage will take some planning especially if you have a big garage with a lot of stuff. Generally, garage organizing comes down to categorization. One of the things that people waste a lot of time on is finding things they stored in the garage. When you have too many things that are randomly placed everywhere, not only finding things will be hard, keeping your garage organized will be hard as well.

When you have a system of different garage organizers like shelves and cabinets and you know where every category of item should go, it makes finding and putting away things a lot easier. You can find and buy a garage organizer online or at Home Depot. There are a lot of different ones to choose from. Whether or not the garage organizer you buy will be useful, will depend on how you use it. If you just use it as a place to store more things, you will just end up with the same problem. If you have a system where you will know what goes where, keeping your garage organized will be a lot easier.


If you are a type of person who likes to keep things and finds it hard to throw things away even though you haven't touched the items in years, then its a pretty safe bet that your closets and garage are full of items. This can be a problem if you let it get too out of hand. Not only will you have a messy and unorganized home, this problem will also affect you mentally. One thing you can do to help make your home more organized is to use garage overhead storage. There are a couple of things you will need to do first though.

The first thing you will need to do is to spend the weekend to clean out your garage as much as possible. This will mean you will have to actually throw away a lot of the items in there. This can be difficult but trust me, when you walk into a neat looking home and garage, you will feel a whole lot better. If anything, you'll more room to buy more things. Okay, maybe thats not the best plan but its at least an option. The rule here is that if you haven't used the item in more than a year, then you probably wont ever need it unless if its something like travel luggage.

The next thing you will need to do is sort everything out. You can do this in a couple of ways. One way is to sort things by season. Things you will only use during the winter will go together and so on. Another thing you can do is sort by type of material. The point is to make it easy for you to find what you need when you need it so any way you organize is fine as long as it accomplishes this purpose.

The next thing you will want to do is get a garage overhead storage system. These things can come in several different ways but the general idea is to have racks or storage units attached to the ceiling of your garage. Since the stuff you store up there will be high up off the floor, you will ideally only want to store things that you barely use but need every now and then like your luggage and seasonal clothes and items. You can store your heater and winter coats and jackets during the summer time and your fans during the winter time for example. The nice thing about using one of these garage overhead storage systems is that you will be able to free up garage floor space so you can easily use it to park your car or just have more walking room.

When buying one of these things, you will want to make sure you measure out the size that you need since they are sold in various sizes. You may have to buy multiple units depending on how much stuff you need to store away. You will also want to look at how many pounds the overhead storage unit can hold. Many of them will hold over 200 pounds worth of stuff. The installation process shouldn't take you too long. You will need a ladder and some tools. If you buy one of those wire storage units, you will get some wire grids, down rods, screws, nuts, bolts, and any necessary installation hardware for you to properly attach these to your ceiling.

The price of a garage overhead storage rack or unit will depend on the size and weight capacity as well as the type. Some will even have a place to hold up your bike. In general though, you should be able to get one of these for under $80. Make sure you follow the installation instructions carefully. Once the installation is done, you will have more floor space as well as a much more organized looking home. Unless you start accumulating more items, you can kiss your cluttered garage good-bye.


Installing some garage shelves can help you keep your garage bit more organized. By having more storage space to store your items, you will free up room and help make your garage look better. There are a lot of things you can do to make your garage less cluttered and more organized but in this article, we will be discussing shelves. Sometimes, buying a cabinet or some other organizer isn't the best idea. Sometimes a garage shelf could be just what you need.

Adding some shelves to your garage will provide you will more room to store things such as tools and other things. There are two different types of garage shelving that you can get. The first one is where you install them to your wall. These can come in kits with brackets that will hold up the shelves. You will need to be able to measure the space you have and make sure the shelves are even. This can be relatively inexpensive depending on the material you buy. You can even buy the bracket and the wood separately and just build your own.

The other type of garage shelves is the ones that come as a stand alone product. With these shelves, you will need to have room to put it. This can easily be done by clearing up some of the junk in your garage. These garage storage shelves can come in different sizes and be made of things like wood or metal. Depending on the type of shelf you get, these can run you anywhere from $60 to several hundred dollars. If you want to save some money and don't have a problem building things, you can just make one of this yourself. There are books on building garage shelves that you can buy to help you out if you have never done it before.

The type of garage storage shelving product you get will depend on your needs. If you need some heavy duty stuff then you will need to spend a little bit of extra money to buy something that is more durable than the normal shelves. You will also want to make sure you have room for the shelf that you buy. The ones that can be installed on the walls need to be high enough that nothing underneath it gets in the way but not so high that you wont be able to reach what you need. The strength of the brackets will determine how heavy of items you can put on these things.

You can find and buy garage shelves online as well. Since there are a lot more sellers, you should be able to save money getting them on the web rather than getting them at the store even with shipping costs. Again, if you want to save the most amount of money, then just build one yourself if you can. You can also find more garage shelving ideas online as well in order to design the perfect look that you want for your garage.

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