15 Ethnical Style Living Room Design Ideas

The ethnical traditional interior concept is very varied, so that it can provide stimulations for other interior designers to create new innovations, for example in the bathroom, dining room or living room. The ethnical design can present a fresh an and unique nuance throughout the living room.

There are usually two types of ethnical living room chairs. The main chair design applies the modern- style in a form of a sofa with a large enough size, and uses yellow color. The use of this color is able to produce lighter shades. While the cushions and pillows can be matched with red, yellow, purple and brown, creating a fresh and cheerful atmosphere.

Another chair design relatively has a very traditional concept. The traditional feel comes from the use of wood to make the chair frame. On the handheld, a carving with the shape that is not too complicated. Then the chair leg framework is constructed by lathe technique, generating a very typical round profile.

Meanwhile, for the design of the living room table, has a fairly simple design, not too many carvings and ornaments. Similarly, the color, it relies on the natural colors of the teak or oak material.

Even though the table design is quite simple, what makes it unique and very ethnical, is what’s put on it. It’s recommended to put a traditional clay jug and a clay vase that has short and round shape. You can fill the vase with any exotic tropical in-house plant.

The ethnical flooring interior design is usually decorated by the marble or granite tile that has brown or pale texture to match with the other interior fixtures.

As the background of the living room, you can integrate a carved wooden wall. If you have a window in your living room, add a window grille that has an artistic design. By integrating The ethnical concept into your living room, you’ll have a very distinct nuance in your house.

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