15 Best Kitchen Bar Stool Ideas


The kitchen is the center piece of any party because that is where the food is being prepared and served. If you have a counter then you will certainly need some kitchen bar stools. The reason is obvious. Most regular chairs just aren't high enough for you or your guests to sit comfortably at the counter. These stools serve as a nice seating option for any counter that is higher than the usual table.

There are many different types of kitchen counter bar stools that you can choose from. The first thing you will want to look at is the material that the stool is made of. You should be able to find many of them made of different types of wood as well as have different finishes. You will want to choose something that will go well with your kitchen. You will also want to choose a stool that has an appropriate base for your floors. If you have carpets, most stools will do but if you have hardwood, then you will want to make sure the legs wont scratch the wood as people move the stool around. For the most part, light weight wooden kitchen bar stools will do just fine.

Before buying some kitchen island bar stools, you will want to do a couple of things. The first is to make sure you know the height of the stools that you need. Most stools are of standard size but you may have a counter that is higher than normal. You will want to get stools with the proper height. You can get adjustable ones but it will cost you more. Also, if you happen to be very tall and have tall family members and friends, that should be taken into consideration as well. You will also want to make sure you know how many stools you need. Consider the amount of room you have as well as the amount of elbow space there will be.

There are a ton of different designs of stools that you can choose from. Some are very basic looking. You have a seat and four legs. However, some can be very artistic looking and will definitely get some attention from your guests. Many will come with padded seats while others will just be made of wood. You also have a choice of getting swivel bar stools as well which make it easier to get up off of. The swivel ones will also prevent people from moving the stools too much, lowering the risk of your floors being scratched. Do you want ones that have arm rests? How about a back support?

As you can see, there are certainly a lot of options that you have. These stools aren't exactly the most inexpensive things though. A set of plain wooden stools can cost you over $50. You can find cheap kitchen bar stools online or even at furniture stools. Keep a look out for sales. You can also get these things used and just touch them up to make them look brand new. These stools are a must when it comes to sitting at the kitchen counter table.


Maybe you have a high counter somewhere in your home, possibly in your kitchen area, a small bar in your backyard or garage, and your normal chairs just do not reach its standards.Now is the time for you to get yourself some counter stools.Made in various materials and forms, a purchase of these high placed seats can be a great addition to any countertop set on a high setting.Get a metal frame or wooden frame, the choice is all up to you, so do not limit your artistic ability to something so simple a young child can pick one out for you.

Counter height stools would be great seats for you to acquire because of a couple reasons: 1. They will look great and match with your high counter tops and 2. You and your guests will not look like oompa loompas sitting at a bar with normal height chairs.Kitchen counter stools are also a great idea for any high kitchen counter setting.Ideal for breakfast, quick snacks, andespecially drinks your kitchen counter will no longer just be a bar without bar stools, just add some kitchen counter bar stools to complete the look you were going for in the first place.

If you are looking for a little bit of more class and sophistication than the average person with the average bar stools, then why not get leather counter stools as an alternative to just hard wood under your fanny.There are many styles out there that incorporate leather into their seats that will not only look great with the rest of your home environment, but will also add that extra “ooh-la-la” look that you have been looking for.You also have the option of getting backless counter stools for easy rotation purposes or just because you think it would look best with your countertops. A backless stool is also great because they allow you to store the entire stool beneath the counter. Just push it in and presto! Instant storage!

As you can already tell, counter stools are not only a great idea for style, but also a great idea to add the finishing touches to your overall home décor and theme.Compliment your high counter tops and bar tops with these great stools; become the greatest party host ever or simple just feel the pride and joy knowing that your stools are making you and your counters happy.


Do you have a counter in your kitchen or perhaps out in our patio? If so, then you need counter chairs. These chairs are specifically designed for those high counters. Imagine sitting at the counter with a regular chair. First of all, the surface will probably go up to your chest. This will make sitting out the counter quite pointless. At least you will know how children feel when they sit on a chair that is way too low. Besides just using these chairs to sit at a counter, you can also use them to help enhance the look of your kitchen as well.

There are many different counter height chairs that you can choose from. Most of these chairs will have the basics of any regular chair. They will have the legs, and seat, and the back support. The only difference with these chairs and regular chairs is that these have legs that are a bit higher. They will also have a foot rest as well since you probably wont want to be dangling your feet while using these chairs. There are also many different finishes that you can choose from as well as style. Many of these will have pretty low back rest which will really only support your lower back. This is fine because most people who sit at counter don't tend to need to lean back into their chair anyway.

When buying these counter chairs, you will have to decide on a couple of things. The first is the design of the chair. They can come in all different colors and shapes. Some will be made of plastic while others can be made of metal. Some will have seat cushions while others wont. Most of these chair seats are anywhere from 25 to 30 inches off the ground but you can find them at other heights as well. You will want to measure your counter to make sure you are getting the appropriate height. There are some chairs that will allow you to adjust the height but these will be more expensive. It is a nice option to have nonetheless. You will also want to make sure you buy kitchen counter chairs that match your kitchen. This is a design preference so its really up to you but chairs that seem to stand out too much might not look right.

If you happen to have hardwood floors, one problem you may have is having the bottom of the chairs scratch the floors. This is due to people scooting the chair back and forth to get on and off the chairs. What you can do to prevent this from happening is to put some rubber or plastic material under the legs. Another thing you can do is get some swivel counter chairs. This way, when getting off the chair, all you have to do is turn it. These types of chairs will vary in price but you should expect to spend $100 or more for a set. However, if you want to save money, you can always buy some cheap plastic ones. Or better yet, try to find them at garage sales. They may look a little beaten down but you can always fix them up. Getting the right counter chairs are just one of the many different types of furniture decisions you will have to make.


A problem arises when you need some chairs but don't have a lot of room in your home to place them. This is where a folding stool can be useful. There are a couple of benefits that these stools have over other types of stools and chairs. The first is convenience. The second is its ability to be easily stored. And the third is the price. You wont have to break your bank account just because you need some extra furniture for your guests to sit on.

Instead of dealing with big and bulky chairs that are hard to move around, you can make life a bit easier by using folding stools. Since they are light weight, you can move them easily from room to room. They are a lot more convenient than bigger chairs especially if you have a small living space. If you have guests coming over, having enough seats for everyone can be a problem. You don't want to buy a bunch of regular chairs because you may not have a place to store them when they are not needed. When guests come over, you can simply pull these chairs out and use them.

The best thing about having a folding stool chair is obviously the ability to fold them up. With normal chairs, in order to store them, you will need a lot of space especially if you have a lot of chairs to store. With stools that fold, you will be able to save a lot of space simply because you will be able to store them just about anywhere. You can put them in closets, out in your garage if you have one, or even place one between furniture. They definitely come in handy when it comes time to move things around as well.

When buying ones of these types of stools, you will have a variety of different options to choose from. Say you want to get a ladder for your home but you don't want anything big. If thats the case, you can get a folding step stool to help you reach hard to reach places. You will also be able to use it as a chair too of course. If you have a high counter in your kitchen, you can get folding counter stools which are also called folding bar stools as well. The prices of these stools will depend on what you get. Many of them will come with cushioned seats for greater comfort. You can get aluminum ones, wooden ones, different sizes, and various colors as well.

So whether you want to be able to free up some space in your home or you just want something that your guests can sit on without filling up your home with random chairs, getting a folding stool is a great idea. There are, of course, many different types of chairs that you can get that will look better but if you are after convenience and efficiency, then these stools are a better choice.

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