15 Middle Eastern-Inspired Living Room Design Ideas

Middle East-theme living room is one of the most exceptional concept for oriental living room. The middle east interior concept is one of the popular ethnic designs in the world. The unique look and ambience are the main attraction for homeowners to adopt this design that comes from the Middle East.

By applying Middle East-theme living room, you can give the feel of an exotic, vibrant, and expressive into your living room, which can enhance the quality time with your family.

The main character of the middle east-theme living room lies on the dynamic and unique exterior and the interior design. It can be found in the forms of ornamented arch or dome on the window or the aisle, the selection of column design and the flooring material. All of these things can be such a unique accent that can be presented in your home.

Another characteristic of the middle east-theme living room is the use of a variety of colors. Generally, the most common colors for the Middle east architectural concept are light tones or colors that have a natural character.

Create a beautiful middle east-theme living room by applying bright colors, such as red. You can use red as a dominant color that will bring an attractive warm atmosphere.

Brush light red on the wall of the middle east-theme living room. It would be better if red cover all of the walls. The warm and sensual impression created through the red color application will keep you and your family getting excited and happy while enjoying togetherness in the living room.

To make it look natural, select the type of parquet flooring. As the typical middle eastern accessories, present interior fixtures, such as chairs, coffee table made of wrought iron material, and typical Arabian brown jars. You can also hang an Arabian decorative lamp to beautify the Middle east-theme living room.

The living room can be one of the rooms that can be decorated with an interesting and unique design to create a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere that will make home occupants feel at ease.

The Arabian interior concept is one of the Asian’s most popular designs, and it develops into various countries. By applying the Arabian concept, you’ll get the magnificent atmosphere of the Middle East. The Middle East interior concept has a dynamic impression with a distinctive touch, both in terms of shape or the color combination.

For the color application, the Arabian interior design usually uses bright colors such as red, yellow, orange and blue, and neutral colors such as white or brown. But, orange or yellow colors are the most recommended ones, because their shades resemble the color of the desert. Integrate one of those colors on the walls and the floor. While neutral colors such as white and brown can be applied to the living room fixtures. So, for those of you who want to bring the concept of Arabian, you can apply these colors into the living room.

The flooring of the Arabian interior design is best suited to use marble or granite tile to reflect cool sensation, which can also serve to balance the warm ambience of the wall color.

To make it look more natural, you should select the Arabian-styled furniture, such as wooden chairs, end table composed of wrought iron, and other accessories like Arabian clay jars displayed in the table or cabinet. Don’t forget to make an accent in a form of the sofa or chair upholstery in neutral colors fitted with cushions patterned with bright colors like orange, blue, purple, or brown. You can also hang decorative lamps commonly used to strengthen the Arabian feel in the living room.

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