20 Best Minimalist Living Room Design and Decor Ideas

Do you live in a minimalist-styled house with a limited space? Decorating the small living room requires a really good and thorough planning, creativity, and imagination. This is very important because the living room is where we spend most of the time in the house with all the family members and even to welcome our guests too.

Here are some simple tips to help you design your comfortable and well-organized minimalist living room:

  1. Select and use a type of decoration you like, of course, that can also help to make your living room seem more spacious. You should also be careful to design the storage space in order to optimize the presence of the spaciousness in the living room and to simplify you to put or store your belongings.
  2. For the arrangement of the furniture, the furniture must not seem too dominant in the living room and must be smaller than the room, so the room doesn’t look cramped. Maximize space by putting a long 2-seater sofa to ensure the comfort of the family members when spending time in the living room. It’s necessary to have the living room decorated with interior accessories as long as they are well-proportioned and match with the room.
  3. Color is one of the factors that greatly influence the atmosphere of the living room. If you believe that you should paint your small room with white, this is a good thing for you. You can specify the color that can make the space seem more spacious by giving colors that reflect the same intensity, or you can also apply a coloring themes. To make the room look more spacious, you should paint the walls with light colors, such as gray or bluish gray. If the gray feels boring to you, you can find other fresh tone colors like green or blue to obtain the atmosphere you want.

  • Minimalist Living Room With Plush Gray Sectional (View 1 of 20)
  • Large Minimalist Living Room With Black White Carpet And Wall Mounted Tv (View 2 of 20)
  • Contemporary Minimalist Living Room With Industrial Shelves (View 3 of 20)
  • Cozy Minimalist Living Room With Glass Top Coffee Table And Small Sofa (View 4 of 20)
  • Minimalist Apartment Living Room With Wall To Wall Window View (View 5 of 20)
  • Minimalist Cozy Coastal Living Room With Hot Pink Cushions (View 6 of 20)
  • Minimalist Living Room Apartment With Rug Flooring (View 7 of 20)
  • Minimalist Fresh Nuance Living Room (View 8 of 20)
  • Modern Minimalist Living Room Remodel With Freestanding Tv (View 9 of 20)
  • Modern Minimalist Living Room Open Concept Interior Design (View 10 of 20)
  • Contemporary White Minimalist Living Room Furniture Decor (View 11 of 20)
  • Minimalist Open Concept Living Room And Kitchen Combo (View 12 of 20)
  • Modern Minimalist Living Room With Concrete Fireplace Surround (View 13 of 20)
  • Modern Minimalist Living Room With Traditional Wood Shelves And Table (View 14 of 20)
  • Modern Living Room With Minimalist Sofa And Furniture (View 15 of 20)
  • Modern Minimalist Living Room With Large Glass Panoramic Doors (View 16 of 20)
  • Urban White Apartment Living Room In Minimalist Style With Blue Velvet Chair (View 17 of 20)
  • White Minimalist Living Room With Double Small Coffee Table (View 18 of 20)
  • Modern Minimalist Living Room With Contemporary Bucket Armchairs (View 19 of 20)
  • Traditional Living Room With Minimalist Furniture (View 20 of 20)

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