20 Best Modern Bamboo Flooring Ideas

Modern house concept demands homeowners to stay simple and clean as possible in decorating a home. However, since the earth is not so well anymore, the homeowners have to adapt the situation and also improving the way of living in order to keep the earth from getting worse. Therefore, one of the housing elements that can be adjusted with the Go-Green theme is the floor, by choosing bamboo flooring.

Bamboo flooring has grabbed a place in the hearts of many people as an alternative natural floor material that replaces wood. It is also because increasing scarcity of timber in the market. So, why bamboo?

Bamboo is actually manufactured to be a substitute for wood because it has some advantages. The main one is, the products made of bamboo such as bamboo parquet, bamboo boards, etc. are rated environmentally friendly because its renewable process is relatively quick. Bamboo can grow as up to 120 feet tall in less than two months. Meanwhile, to reach maturity and ready to be harvested, bamboo only takes 3-5 years. Now compare it with the hardwood, which takes 20 to 120 years to reach maturity.

Bamboo is not a wood. In fact, bamboo is a type of grass. You might immediately think that the bamboo is fragile just like the other grass. So far, according the public perception, bamboo is not suitable to be used as a modern building material. But, it turns out that bamboo has been proven as a building material that is very tough, lightweight, flexible and environmentally friendly. For example, as a flooring material. In addition to have a beautiful texture, bamboo also has the long-lasting durability.

Bamboo flooring installation requires no special technique. There are several ways that you can do, such as: you can simply integrate it after splitting it in the same size, of course, with a good laying technique, neatly lined and interlock installation, so that the final layer of the floor is fit without any parts that can be shifted.

In terms of the availability, bamboo is easier to find than wood, especially teak. Because the bamboo’s life cycle only takes about 3 years to be ready to harvest. While teak could take 30 years to be fully ready to use. This advantage proves bamboo is a very environmentally friendly building material to support the Go-Green theme in the home interior.

The beautiful ethnic impression of bamboo flooring doesn’t only show a modesty, but it is also cost-effective and still reflects the quality. It should begin to be socialized as a substitute for the parquet flooring.

Beside that, bamboo floor and other bamboo products are known to be strong and able to compete with the strength of the hardwood such as teak, pine, and so on. It’s because bamboo has has always been recognized by its strength and durability for hundred of years. The Chinese and the Japanese are two nations that originally developed bamboo as a home material since hundred years ago.

When it comes to strength, bamboo is as hard as red oak, which is the most common flooring material used. Although at first glance, bamboo may seem frail and weak, in fact, it’s very strong and sturdy. Therefore, bamboo is considered as one of the best flooring material on the market today. It can be used well in almost any environment condition, especially since the rate of the expansion is much lower than the other types of hardwood.

It gives a very finished appearance to the floor and make it look unique and special. The appeal of bamboo, and its slightly darker texture patterns, clearly distinguish it from the wood.

The bamboo’s stability dimension and the moisture resistance are some of the other bamboo’s outstanding advantages. Bamboo flooring comes in a laminated product, with the gapping, cupping, or warping elements that are greatly reduced.

Bamboo is one of the most versatile flooring options available today and can be placed on a variety of surfaces.

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