20 Elegant Italian Living Room Interior Designs

The Italian design is composed of many regional designs, that offers its own particularity of the elegance and the comfort. But one thing for sure, the Italian house design is characterized by the Soggiorno which means large rooms alias wide living room. The Italian interior design prioritizes the most space for the construction of the Soggiorno to accommodate the family’s gathering time, because the Italian loves to party.

The Italian design is a bit similar to the Mediterranean design, therefore you’ll find it a bit similar. Especially the interior coloring selection. The Italian living room usually integrates same tones as the Mediterranean concept which is pastel colors. Pastel colors are composed of brown, red, yellow etc. This palette can be applied in the living room wall.

The Italian traditional concept is also identical with the high ceiling construction, inspired by the ancient Italian castles. The ceiling is commonly decorated with bas-relief or painted with frescoes.

The flooring part of the Italian living room usually applies the natural flooring material such as parquet flooring. But, some Italian design prefers using carpet instead of natural flooring.

The furniture is the main fixture of the living room for any kind of house design. The Italian sees it same way. Therefore, they usually have complicated and ornamented living room furniture. The furniture is covered by artistic and unique upholstery, which is usually colorful or floral motif.

The utilization of drapery is also important to the Italian living room. Even though it plays an important role, the design and motif always stay simple and minimum. It’s recommended to use the drapery with bold colors to block the sunlight. The window frame is usually composed with the combination of wood and metal material. In addition to be the window cover, the drapery can be optimized as the room divider too.

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