20+ Laundry Room Design Inspirations for 2017

Decoration will make every part in your home more alive, and no exception with your laundry room. Decoration is for all. In your home, you cannot give different attention to each room. It is because the decoration that you equip will affect toy yourself. For instance, you can fell either more comfortable or less comfortable with your decoration. However, you need to choose the right decoration based on what room that you want to decorate. It is important since the activity that you run in a certain room will have connection to the comfort of a room.

Designing a laundry room is pleasant. You can play with some fresh color that will make your laundry room atmosphere fresher. For instance, you can equip green or blue ocean color. These colors are identical with water and fresh. Water and forest obviously can represent freshness. Thus, decoding these colors is great idea.

Designing good ventilation is also important for laundry room. Your laundry room will be frequently get wet. It is important to make it keep dry and clean. Therefore, you will need good ventilation to let the air streams well and your laundry room gets enough sunlight. Thus, your laundry room will always be fresh, and having activity there will always be pleasant as well. For you who have limited space, you can combine laundry room with your bathroom for effective solution.

  • 2017 Modern High Efficiency Laundry Closet (View 1 of 26)
  • Traditional Laundry Room With Front Loading Appliances Washer And Dryer (View 2 of 26)
  • Butterfly Print Wallpaper For Laundry Room Decoration (View 3 of 26)
  • Contemporary Laundry Closet With Teak Cabinetry (View 4 of 26)
  • Laundry Room With Whimsical Butterfly Wallpaper (View 5 of 26)
  • Simple Laundry Closet And Storage For Small Interior (View 6 of 26)
  • Spacious Laundry Room With Floating Shelf And Side By Side Machine Set Up (View 7 of 26)
  • Stylish And Functional Design For Contemporary Laundry Room (View 8 of 26)
  • Basement Remodel To Cozy Modern Laundry Room (View 9 of 26)
  • Cozy White Laundry Room With Tile Backsplash (View 10 of 26)
  • Easy Laundry Room Design For Small Apartment (View 11 of 26)
  • Modern Built In Laundry Room Closet Cabinet (View 12 of 26)
  • Warm Wood Cabinetry In Laundry Room (View 13 of 26)
  • Warm And Cozy Laundry Room Design (View 14 of 26)
  • Laundry Room With Plenty Of Space (View 15 of 26)
  • Small Modern Laundry Room For Apartment Interior (View 16 of 26)
  • Wood Cabinet Storage And Utility For Traditional Laundry Room (View 17 of 26)
  • Cozy Traditional Utility And Laundry Room With Storage (View 18 of 26)
  • Gray And White Transitional Laundry Room (View 19 of 26)
  • Spacious Modern Laundry Room With Black Storage Cabinets (View 20 of 26)
  • Apartment Laundry Room With Wood Floors (View 21 of 26)
  • Fresh And Clean Laundry Room In Minimalist Design With Built In Storage Cabinets (View 22 of 26)
  • Bold Orange Laundry Room Interior For Apartment (View 23 of 26)
  • Modern Bathroom With Attached Laundry (View 24 of 26)
  • Modern Built In Storage Drawers For Minimalist Laundry Room (View 25 of 26)
  • Workspace Room With Laundry Room Interior Combo (View 26 of 26)

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