20 Sophisticated Oriental Living Room Design Ideas

For those of you who are planning to apply oriental designs, you can combine with the current interior concept for a more modern impression. For example, apply this style to bring out some detail or characterized oriental ornaments.

One of the oriental style that you can choose which style of Japan. In Japanese oriental interior, the use of color usually ranges in natural colors which is able to bring the feel at one with nature in accordance with the concept of Sakura's architecture. For a feel of Japan for example in the living room, come up with a modern Japanese oriental theme by blending the color brown.

Choose a bright light brown color that tends towards beige. You can use this color as the main color is applied to the wall. This color can also be presented again that the furniture sofa complete with accessories cushions lighter color so that it appears more attractive impression.

Noteworthy, oriental character can be observed from the basic form (vernacular) or physical building that includes the shape of the roof, space layout, building form / element of the building wall, gate / entrance, to the various types of furniture and ornaments space.

In addition to these things, in the interior of oriental style can also be seen from the application of the colors used. For example, the Japanese oriental interior, more generally apply blend colors such as red, brown, black, and white.

Oriental living room design is one of the most sophisticated living room concepts that has widely been applied, not only in the Asian Continent, but it has also invaded the far western continents.

The Oriental living room design is notably influenced by the traditional Chinese and the Japanese interior design. The rich application of bold colors and exotic fabrics are one of the main characteristics of the Oriental living room design.

The Asian interior design is commonly known as the Oriental style which is much popularized by China and Japan. However, the typical Oriental style interior does not only grow in the region of this style. Because in other countries, we can find such a distinct and unique home style.

The Oriental interior design has always been one of the world’s cultural house designs that influences and enriches the world’s architectural design, either past time or present time. The unique looks becomes its own characteristic that makes this style preferred by many homeowners in all around the world. The Oriental house concept can easily be seen from the application of the colors and the shapes.

However, for those of you who are interested to create the nuance of the Oriental into your house, you can try to adopt the Chinese interior concept. You can start by applying the concept in the living room. This typical theme will make the living room look more luxurious, and it certainly gives the impression of familiarity into the whole family.

To apply the concept of Chinese interior concept in the living room, you don’t have to integrate the Chinese colors, red and yellow. Because the combination of neutral colors such as brown is also a typical Oriental interior color. You can also integrate this color into the foundation elements of the room or the furniture and ornaments.

Brown color also can be applied into the floor or the ceiling. By using brown color, the living room will seem calm, warm, and natural. To add a natural feel, place wood furniture in the living room, such as chairs, tables. It’s also recommended to put room dividers ornamented with the images of the Oriental theme.

The Asian interior design might be one of the renewal for your living room in order to make it look fresher and more unique.

To further notice the characteristics of the Oriental living room design, here are some explanations of the main living room fixtures:


The walls are the first consideration point to create any interior concept, especially the living room. The Oriental living room design is identical to the application of bold color like red. But, in order to avoid the gloomy atmosphere of the room, it’s recommended to apply red as the accent color, while the dominant color is neutral colors like creme or white. You can integrate red into the Chinese hanging fabric ornament showcasing the Kanji or the dragon image tailored in gold.


As one of the most important interior foundation elements, the flooring selection for the Oriental living room design is quite simple. Feel free to choose between the parquet or marble floors. Because these two materials represent the traditional interior flooring the Chinese and the Japanese.


As mentioned above, the Oriental living room design is identical with the detailed application of fabrics. The Oriental fabrics are widely known very plush, exotic, and subtle. You can apply the Oriental fabrics into the curtains, sofa and chair upholsteries and tablecloths.


When it comes to the living room, it’s mandatory to put the furniture set that matches with the room concept. The detailed-carved furniture painted in wood natural color is the best option to fill your Oriental living room. To enhance the Oriental ambience, you can also take benefit of the traditional Japanese furniture, like Shoji screens or tatami mats.

One of the the interior designs that is always up to date is the Oriental style. It’s not only the house interior, but also including office, and even commercial space such as hotels, restaurants, cafe’s design, and so on.

Oriental style is inherited from the Eastern culture that is developed in the region of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and even Persia. The culture in the Imperial age of China and Japan brought a strong impact and became the cultural roots of the community life until now.

This culture continues to grow and to be developed in the society in various forms, including the architectural aspects of the building. The Oriental concepts in the architecture usually appear in the form of a physical or exterior and interior. It includes the roof form, space layout, building form, building walls, door entrance, in the furniture design of the interior house.

In today’s modern home style, this oriental concept experienced a remarkable evolution. The wealthy forms of the oriental interior design continue to be explored by the interior designers in order to simplify the Oriental style into all kinds of house designs.

The selection of interior furniture inside will slightly facilitate the presence of the oriental style in your space. For example, in Japanese style interior, the utilization of the wood and bamboo as the main interior furniture materials. The Oriental living room style is usually rich of the integration of natural stuffs such as wood, natural stone, bamboo, and the paper wall paintings.

Another popular element in the Oriental interior style is the Japanese alphabet or known by Conji (Kanji) which is usually written on a sheet of paper displayed on the wall. This artistic work can be the key accent or the ornament in the interior.

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