20 Romantic Candle Centerpiece Ideas

Who says that a centerpiece has to be all about the flowers? If you are looking to create a romantic mood while also saving money, candles will make the perfect centerpieces for your wedding. There are numerous creative ways to design a unique and beautiful table display around candles; for inspiration, check out these ideas.

Sometimes simple is best. Tall, elegant tapers can be used to create beautiful centerpieces for almost any style of wedding. They work particularly well for more formal events, as they have a sophisticated effect that will enhance any dressy wedding, day or night. Of course, sometimes simple can end up being too plain, so the key is to find details that will make your tapers feel special.

Long rectangular tables are a big trend for weddings right now, and they really lend themselves to using tall taper candles in lieu of floral centerpieces. Look for interesting candleholders, such as clear square ones, or etched glass bases. A terrific look is to wrap big faux pearls on a silver wire around the stem of a simple glass candlestick; it makes a nice complement to the style of the bride if she is wearing handmade pearl wedding jewelry. Make the display more visually appealing by selecting candleholders in different heights. If your table linens and china will be white, choose candles in a contrasting color, such as a pale blue or peach.

You can also create candle-based centerpieces based on your wedding theme. For instance, let's say that you are planning a beach wedding. The bride plans to wear an informal gown with wedding jewelry that is handmade with keshi pearls. You can echo this laid back beach style in your table displays. Place a large ivory pillar candle in the center of each table on a bed of sand. Surround the candle with seashells, starfish, and branches painted to mimic red coral. The effect will be perfect for a seaside reception, and the price will be quite affordable.

Another wonderful idea is to use candles in hurricane lanterns as your centerpieces. They will add a warm and cozy glow to your reception, and they are also a great choice for an outdoor wedding, as the flame will be protected from the wind. To add a bit of color, you can create a wreath to fit the base of the hurricane lantern.

A lovely autumn wedding centerpiece can be created from a wreath of terracotta roses encircling each hurricane. You can choose accents that are appropriate for any season. For a winter wedding, think about trimming out your lantern with evergreen boughs with a few red roses. Or wrap some red and green holly around the hurricane lanterns for a great holiday design. The possibilities are endless.

Floating candles also make stunning centerpieces. Choose a low bowl with a wide mouth, or perhaps a fancy footed bowl for more height. Floating candles come in any color that you could ever want. You can also find them crafted into beautiful shapes, such as roses. It would look very pretty to alternate bowls of floating candles with bowls of floating gardenias.

There are countless other ways to use candles as your centerpieces. From masses of low votives to ornate candelabras, there is a design that will suit any style of wedding. The flickering candlelight will add romance and ambiance to your wedding reception.

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