30 Beautiful Ideas for Living Room Wall Decor

The living room is the center of all the in-house family activities. The atmosphere should be relaxing and comfortable. This room is a semi-public space, which means that only a few outsiders are allowed to access this area, those who are familiar with the home occupants. Therefore, to accommodate all the those purposes above, we have to decorate the living room as beautiful as possible.

Placing wall decorations is one of the best ways to make the living room look more attractive. Wall decorations feature paintings, mirrors, murals or even photographs. This is not an easy job, given it’s required thoroughness to harmonize the wall decorations and the interior concept. Therefore, it’s obliged that you don’t place wall decorations carelessly without harmonizing the decorations and the entire room in advance.

Wall decorations actually have a variety of functions, one of them is the aesthetic function. For example is paintings. This artwork that’s very meaningful can provide new or different atmosphere in a room. In addition to painting, you may also use other wall decorations that are more affordable.

Wall decorations are usually able to be the focal point in a room, especially in a modern room concept which is can be a “soul” of a room. That’s why the living room is a right space that is generally enriched by wall decorations.

Actually, wall decorations don’t have to be always focused on simple or modern decorations. Soft materials such as wool or traditional fabrics can also be used to add warmth and bring the traditionalism to the room

The tapestry wall decorations can make a room more spacious and more memorably decorative. The appearance presented can give the spirit and also an elegant element in the room. The tapestry type decoration usually has varying bright shades that.

Effective wall decoration of a room depends largely on the size and shape, in particular the purpose for which it is used. Furniture in the room can be simple or complex, depending on who uses it. It’s so simple yet most of the time except when the family home is complicated when it will take place many locals. But that does not mean that it will be different. Largely depends on the person that adorns you. A further complication is that a steady stream of children and pets are around the room.

The shape of the room also has a great voice, the nature of the device, this can take time. The use of color is also an important contribution to the atmosphere of a room. Might look if not used wisely, a large space small and cold, may appear reasonable when making a small room feel larger and used as hot. The purer the fourth is the most convenient place to live and spend time.

There is absolutely nothing to illuminate with a new coat of paint and doing old room, bored. There are lots of color techniques used completely change the look of the room can be. You think. Working to keep calm color scheme and make sure it fits your business.

Do you have inspirations about wall texture designs for the living room?  For making living room looks more interesting, the wall texture should be well thought. You might have sets if ideas about the wall paint color option with bets wall-decals. However, those are not enough. You need to find the wall texture design to be applied. Below, there will be sets of ideas about the design for you to apply. Just stay here for more information.

The classic stone is so interesting for wall texture designs for the living room. This wall texture design is recommended for your modern living room decoration. If you have the living room in modern design ideas, it seems that you need to apply this idea. Furthermore, you just have to deal with the lighting ideas for getting the contrast look between the wall and the total living room decoration. Do you want to get another idea? The wall tiles in vertical shape are so amazing. The vertical shape makes the small living room looks larger. This idea is applicable for your small living room decoration. Are you interested in this idea? Just make sure that you have removed all wall decals because they are not necessary.

The most important thing in applying the wall texture for living room decor is how to give contrast look. You may install geometry wall texture for simple ideas. However, for different living room style, the artistic wall texture is strongly recommended. Now, you have to see your living room decoration. Pay attention on the wall space. Is wall texture needed? It depends on the living room decoration style that you want to apply. Later, you may think farther about how to set budget for wall texture designs for the living room. Make sure that your budget is enough for large application of wall texture.

Large Wall Art

If you are dealing with decorating job for large living room, it seems that you must get large wall art. So, make sure that you get large wall art for living room. This item must be well selected. However, having the right option of wall art is not enough. You must know where to place it. In this chance, there are sets of ideas about the best position for placing the wall art. It seems that you need to know about the information below.

Above the sofa is the right position for placing the large wall art for living room. You might like having the large sofa because you have enough space for placing that. However, having it is not enough. There must be something decorative above the sofa. Just install a wall art there. Make sure that the size of wall art has been estimated before so that you will not think about space anymore. Dealing with the right option of wall art, there are sets of recommended items for you. The hand painted canvas is so excellent. You just have to choose it in best theme based on your living room decoration.

If you do not want to install the wall art above the sofa, there is another option for you. Do you have television set? Install the wall art above the television set. Make sure that there is not any socket above the television racks so that you may have space for wall art installation. These are some ideas for best position to install the wall art. Now, you just have to check the free space. Then, get the wall art in online stores. After the stores send the wall art, you just have to install it. You will get perfect large wall art for living room. So, think about best position now.

Wall Mirror Decoration

You have to deal with the living room mirror for small interior for better decoration. If you want to make your living room more luxurious, there must be some tricks for that. One of them is by adding mirror to the wall. However, the mirror selection must be right. You have to get the decorative mirror. Dealing with the mirror selection, of course you need to get some recommendations. Below, there will be sets of ideas about the decorative mirror for your small living room decor.

Round living room mirror is the first recommended items. The round shape of mirror gives perfection for your decoration. Just place it near the entryways. The mirror will give you larger effect. It seems that you are interested in taking this living room mirror decoration for small interior. Secondly, you may consider having geometric mirror shapes. This is an antique mirror design for your small living room. The geometric shape gives different living room style. You just have to get it in the combination with best frame. It must be a nice application in your small living room.

The last recommendation is distressed mirror. Have you ever known this mirror design.It is so elegant so that this item is applicable for small living room decoration. Just install it near your sofa. The effect of mirror application is great for making your small living room looks larger. It seems that you must  consider taking this as the good idea for decorating tricks. However, for choosing the large mirror, it is not recommended. There is not enough space for placing the large mirror in your small living room decoration. Those  are some recommendations of living room mirror. Now, you may set budget for buying the living room mirror decoration for small interior.

Mirrors can make a room seem larger than it is. Mirrors can also help the distribution of light and make the hidden corners in the room much brighter. Therefore, the owner of a small house would have understood that the use of a mirror in the house is not only beneficial for reflection only. However, many homeowners are not aware, the mirror can be installed in various ways. Not just by hanging on the wall.

The easiest way to enter into the room mirror is propped against the wall. Large mirror does not need you hanging. In addition to practical, leaning it against the wall gives a dramatic effect. Using a frame, full-length mirror on the floor and against the wall can be a great asset for the bedroom, living room, and even at the end of the hall.

It is suggested putting a mirror on the surface of the table on the side of the bed. Just use a medium-sized mirror, about the size of a single mirror above the sink, put it on a side table, and leaning on the wall behind him. The mirror does not only give a stylish look to the bedroom, but also reflect light.

In addition to the surface of the table, the bedroom has plenty of attractive space to put a mirror. For example, you can hang a mirror above the bed. Bedside table also appear attractive if coated with a mirror. For it is also advisable to use a mirror on the headboard of the bed surface.

Using a mirror in the headboard is an interesting option. You can combine them with a variety of Indian style decoration that glitters.

If you still want to hang a mirror, try to make an interesting arrangement. Paint the walls with dark brown or gray. Then, hanging mirrors of various sizes on the surface of the wall. "Slipped" in the pictures you can also do.

Wall Unit

Wall units could be very decorative as well as functional. It will be a huge advantage to have a living room with wall units. You can maximize the wall units for various purposes from displaying decorative items, storing things, or simply just to accentuate the room itself. In this matter the options are limitless to really match your tastes and preferences.

One way to make the wall units being used in an attractive way is to leave some of the sections empty. meaning that the wall could still be visible in some sections. For example if you have 9 slots of shelves in your wall unit then consider leaving at least 3 of them empty so that the wall color should be visible and giving a nice accent on the wall unit itself.

Another way in making the wall units use looks amazing is by placing similar items in a one group at one section only. For example place books all together in one or two shelves close to one another. Avoid placing books on one shelf at the bottom then another shelf at the top. This will make sure that there is no clutter accent on the wall units and the room where the units are placed.

Brick Wall

The texture and appearance of exposed brick on the interior of the room is able to attract attention, especially if you like the style of traditional, eclectic, or industrial. Display produced by material exposed bricks also make the room feel warm, homey, and the proper arrangement can give an artistic touch to the room. Not only that, exposed brick walls now became popular and widely used for both residential and public spaces such as restaurants or cafes thanks to its good looks.

Feels completely natural feel in this family room. Furniture and knick-colored soil provides warmth at the same time natural. These colors appear more prominent against the background of a white wall. Wait a minute, this white wall is covered by a natural touch.

Looking at the walls of the family room, you might be reminded of the walls of old houses. The wall is exposed brick concept. For the uninitiated, the exposed brick is a brick wall without plaster and cement leveling compound. Applications such wall fitted for those who want a natural look.

Typically, exposed brick walls like brick red colored. But not with a wall in the family room. Whitewashed brick wall with white paint, in order to make the room feel lighter and relieved. In addition, it looks so much cleaner, right?

Exposed brick walls juxtaposed with the most suitable furniture, furniture made from natural materials. Wood, rattan, or bamboo for example. So it looks more attractive, complete also with knickknacks are also made from natural ingredients. Do not forget, adaptation is also natural colors.

To make a wall like this, simply stacking bricks, like putting a brick wall. Use a mixture of cement and sand as an adhesive. Give the grout between the bricks as wide as 15mm. After the bricks dry, seal with liquid waterproofing. The goal is to close the pores of the brick. Once dry, apply white paint to the entire surface of the wall.

Natural Stone Wall

Cool, probably created the impression that if you give it the feel of a living room with a decorative interior wall of natural shades. The idea of a natural stone wall to the living room is quite beautiful idea in the age of the living room interior design is minimalist paced. Quite practical and simple if you are relying on a super exotic natural stone natural. Inevitably the walls of the living room with a unique natural stone is quite elegant, because the concept owned by staining of natural stone is quite good if in the eye when being into the living room wall is cool and airy.

If talked about the look of natural stone for the best design of your living room, certainly a lot of natural stone that can be applied to the design with a natural feel. Staying check your bag, you want to design the least expensive super fancy and expensive. Suppose you want a natural stone designs with the cheapest price of course by taking exotic stone is enough to decorate the walls of your minimalist home. If you want to rise to the next level by choosing the luxury of marble as the top choice is also a decision that was pretty good.

To provide the best view living room design with the feel of natural stone, of course at first glance there are three models that can make reference design living room design in shades of natural stone, which is a classic design, modern design and a mix of modern classical design. So when you want the best theme for the display design living room with beautiful polished natural stone just choose from the three themes which do you think is most suitable.

Suppose your home conceptualized with a classic feel, of a blend of the most appropriate design theme also the design of the living room with a natural stone wall classic theme. So when you are so infatuated with modern-themed home design nuances of natural stone walls are modern marriage is the best design choice. Likewise when you want to combine the concept of a modern classic feel of a typical selection of modern classic design is cool marriage for your home living room design.

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