30 Modern Apartment Interior Design and Decor

The modern housing concept is identical with simplicity and cleanness constructed throughout the interior and exterior. That’s why this concept is very suitable for you who live in apartments.

The apartment is principally similar to the ordinary housing concept, featuring bedroom, bathroom, living room and kitchen. The difference is only in the size of each room which is very limited.

Decorating a modern apartment interior design is kind of a tricky thing to do. It’s different with the common house interior where we can do some experiments, because there’s enough provided space in it. An apartment, usually, only has limited and a tiny space that needs to be optimized. However, everything will always be done if we have the knowledge and a proper planning.

Choosing furniture for the apartment that has a limited space is sometimes a complicated thing to do. However, there are always many ways to give the optimum impression of luxury a small apartment without investing large amounts of money. We can get the best of it without spending much money. Make sure that you choose the furniture that reflects your personality.

To bring that excitement to modern apartment interior, whether it’s a rented apartment or your own property, give a beautiful touch of color design on the walls. Be careful with the color you choose, because the color is usually associated with the mood. For example, green is a good choice to rest, because it gives a soothing impression. If you’re not able to paint your wall (for a rented apartment), you can add some color on the wall by integrating the colorful draperies or some murals.

The modern apartment is one of the impact of the modern house trend that has been infiltrated into every part of the property design. Therefore, if you are one of those who always up-to-date with the house design trend, it would great if try to remodel your old apartment design into a beautiful modern apartment.

The modern concept is characterized by the efficiency, simplicity and functions. These principles are meant to make everything in your house usable, no wasted stuffs. Since an apartment has only one focus point, which is the interior, you have to carefully design it in order to get a proper modern apartment interior.

To achieve a modern apartment, first thing is to make sure that you choose a simple furniture design to fit with the apartment interior concept. The selection of simple furnitures for an apartment is meant to adjust the limited space. Therefore, low-profile yet elegant furniture design is best suited for an apartment. For example, avoid having a big cabinet, prefer the wall cabinet.

Most apartment designs have a lack of visually aesthetic concept. It usually has plain and boring concept. To kick it out away, find textured furnitures that have bold upholstery colors to enliven the ambience of the apartment.

We already know that the apartment isn’t also built for storage area, like houses. We can’t turn another room in the apartment into a storage room, or having a big storage cabinet. Therefore, choose furnitures or decors that have built-in storage space. Even though it only accommodates a small amount of storage capacity, if you have it some, it can simply help you keep your stuffs safely and neatly.

The basic style that you need to apply when you move in to modern apartments is the minimalist design. You need to find out the furnishing that will never make the room cramped. The furniture should be handy and sleek so that it will never consume much space in the apartment.

You can ask the shopkeeper about the right size of furniture to adorn small apartment. Don’t forget to choose the multifunctional furniture for it allows you to stay away from the clutter and messy look.these following tips will help you decorate and arrange each room of your apartment.


If you’re tired of the daily activity, in the end we’ll surely be home to sleep. Therefore select the best bed design we can afford to buy, because the bed is the focal point of in the bedroom. Add bedside table and a lamp night. If it allows, add a comfortable chair too.

Either in the house or apartment, bedroom will always be the room that needs to be designed as comfortably as possible due to its function as the resting area for the home occupants. A modern apartment bedroom design is usually integrated with less fixtures. One double-sized bed, a closet, a dressing table and a single-seater chair or sofa. Since the modern concept prioritizes neatness in every part of a house, it’s recommended to have a bed that has built-in storage underneath to store every kind of stuffs.

This double duty bed is functional since you can turn it into a couch when it is used as a sleeping space. Choose the lofted bed in light color to make the space bright and big. Painting the apartment with new paint can deliver a dramatic and fascinating style. You can choose pale colors like lavender, beige, golden brown, and pastel blue to express elegant and opulent style. You can add hint of dark colors like burgundy, maroon, dark green and ruby red as accent to give elegant nuance.

Living room

In the houses, living room is usually the widest area of the house. But, you can’t expect too much of it from the apartment. You have to face the fact that you won’t have a living room as spacious as the houses. Choose furnishings that have simple and clean designs. Pick a floor-to-ceiling curtain which could make the room seem taller. Minimize the usage of interior accessories. Just put the ones that tend to have an important function to the home occupants and the ambience of the living room.

If your apartment is very small, it has to be designed as a multi-functional small apartment. Only place a two-seat sofa and a Television. It may fulfill the entertainment aspect of your apartment. Put either a wall cabinet or a few bookshelves for storing books and knick knacks. Also, integrate carpet flooring to enhance the comfort inside the apartment.

An ottoman on the living space can be functioned as a coffee table and storage space. You can shop for a futon that can be transformed into a sofa when it is not used. An armchair is great to be functioned as a day bed too. If your modern apartments are occupied by some people, you can shop for a loft bed. You can also purchase an under bed drawer, coffee table with bookshelves and room divider with racks. The sofa in the living room can be transformed into a bed just in case that you want to invite your friends to stay for a night in your small apartment.

You can shop for a wide couch. The dark apartment looks small and tight. You need to flow the natural light in the room. Open the window widely when the morning comes. If you feel hot because of the sun radiance, you can install sheer curtain. The artificial light is also needed when the night comes. You can have table lamps for additional lighting when you like to read your book or newspaper. Recessed lighting and pendant lamps are great to illuminate the modern apartments.


Some apartments have a small kitchen set. In any case, we will need a safe place to cook and store food. A microwave, a cooker hood and a set of stoves are put in a particular spot in the kitchen in order to simplify your activity in the kitchen and also to avoid the overfullness of the kitchen. Search for the dual purpose items. You can have a kitchen island used as a table too.

To get a modern look in your kitchen, make sure that you integrate enough storage space to avoid kitchen appliances scattered in your kitchen. Hardwood flooring is the best option due to its endurance and water resistance.

Dining Room

There are many ideas that you can have to enjoy spacious feel when you dine with friend and family in small eating area. The tight space should be treated exclusively.

You can have a nice facelift by picking the right unique pieces. Repainting the furniture is a good alternative for the people who do not have much cash to purchase the new furniture. If your existing chairs and dining table are too big, you can paint them with light color to reduce the bulky effect.

Don’t forget to set an area rug under the table for comfortable eating area. Moreover, you can avoid any appearance of cracks and scratches under the furniture setting. The window can be treated easily by installing new curtain piece. You can pick the flattering curtain made in simple and small floral prints. You can also have a plain curtain since it will not make the bedroom look bulky. There are many types of design for draperies that you can install when furnishing apartment dining room. You can go with pleated, blind, shades and sheer curtain.

The people who love with modern and contemporary look can enjoy the shade and blind curtain. Both are simple and easy to set. If you want bring the exclusive feel, the pleated curtain is nice to have. Usually it is made in thick material. But you can opt for the flattering one to make the dining room simple. The ceiling should be treated in effortless way. You can install a nice illumination by using small chandelier. If you want to enjoy breezy air in the dining space, you can install lighting fans. The chairs and table should be in sleek and streamlined structures when you like furnishing small dining room without spending much cash.


The bathroom is another room of an apartment that has small space. Therefore, just put everything that is frequently used by home occupants. Separate the dry and wet area by incorporating a glass bulkhead.

There is no need for you to use many items for beautifying the room. You can bring openness with minimalist or modern home style. Choose the furniture which can carry dual function. There are many elements that you can add in the apartment. Mirrors are important to have in a apartment bathroom. It can bring decorative effect since most mirrors come in intricate pattern with shining design.

If you want an exclusive mirror, you can pick the one in Venetian or French mirror. The shapes of mirror are various. You can have it made in square, round, or oval shape. You can install two small mirrors on the wall to reflect the light. A small shelf can be placed under the fabulous mirror to accommodate your knick knacks like cosmetic. Thus, you do not need to set any heavy dressing table. You can purchase the mirror for the most elegant apartment design in the thrift stores or flea market. If you stuck with budget, you can shop for the adhesive mirror tiles.

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