30 Modern Dining Room Interior Design and Ideas

Modern dining room decor makes the eating space more functional and nicer to view. It can make you end up in a tricky situation if the dining room is not treated in well manner. It can be a place where you can entertain the visitors.

If the dining room looks plain, old, drab and dull, you will be embarrassed. There are many items that you can set on the room. Some of them include chairs, a dining table, a hutch or even a buffet. Those furniture pieces are considered as the standard material to have. If your dining room is larger you can add more pieces to make it adorable and exciting.

If the dining room is made in casual style, you can choose the simple furniture made in light brown color. The people who want to deliver formal feeling can pick the dark colored pieces. It can be made from walnut or mahogany. The formal modern dining room decor is accentuated by the presence of heavy, deep colored and rich window covering. You can have it made in red, chocolate brown and maroon curtain. If you want to enjoy casual feeling on the window treatment, you can choose the flattering curtain. You can have sheer curtain or roman shade. The modern lighting can look sparkling and fun if you install pedant lighting or paper lantern.

Avoid the installation of crystal chandelier since the lamp is used in most traditional houses. You can set a buffet for displaying your china. The buffet should features clear glass door. You can set a Venetian mirror above the buffet for bigger look in the dining room. If you want to carry dramatic look on the dining room, you can attach wallpaper in unique print. It can be in abstract style. If you do not want to carry bulky look, you can pick one wall to deliver the nice wallpaper. The rest of three walls in modern dining room decor should be left in plain.

Modern dining room are the perfect design that you can apply on the cluttered space. The interior design in this area should be great and nice since family will love to eat their meals in the space. If you just have small dining room, the modern appeal is perfect to have.

It enables you to have minimalist style without having to bath the space by using a lot of accessories. The presence of clutter in the room makes your dining space look even smaller. You need to remove all of the clutters to make it tidy and nice. You can pick the furniture pieces like the table and chairs made in slim and sleek structure. They should be free from any elaborate pattern.

If you want to save the important items in the dining room, you can add storage space. You can install shelves on the wall to display your china collection. A sideboard can be picked for storing your knick knacks. There is a wide array of baskets that you can use to decorate the modern dining room decorating ideas. The last thing to concern is the color palette. If you love with neutral accent, you can pick, creamy, beige, ivory white, and tan colors. You can also combine those colors with lime green orange, red, black and pink.

Avoid blue color for it can reduce the mood of the people to eat the food. The pale and pastel colors are great to have. They tend to make the room larger than before. The upholstery on the chair should be in plain pattern. You can install sheer curtain on the window if you want to block the light. The illumination fixture should be sleek and nice. You can have the lamps covered by using metal frame in brass or even copper finish. The modern dining room will look glowing and shining.

Modern Dining Room Furniture

Furnishing modern dining room is not a tricky thing to do. There are many ideas that you can have to enjoy cozy feel when you dine with friend and family in modern eating area. The tight space should be treated exclusively.

You can have a nice facelift by picking the right unique pieces. Repainting the furniture is a good alternative for the people who do not have much cash to purchase the new furniture. If your existing chairs and dining table are too big, you can paint them with light color to reduce the bulky effect.

Don’t forget to set an area rug under the table for comfortable eating area. Moreover, you can avoid any appearance of cracks and scratches under the furniture setting. The window can be treated easily by installing new curtain piece. You can pick the flattering curtain made in simple and small floral prints. You can also have a plain curtain since it will not make the dining room look bulky. There are many types of design for draperies that you can install when furnishing modern dining room. You can go with pleated, blind, shades and sheer curtain.

The people who love with modern and contemporary look can enjoy the shade and blind curtain. Both are simple and easy to set. If you want bring the exclusive feel, the pleated curtain is nice to have. Usually it is made in thick material. But you can opt for the flattering one to make the dining room simple. The ceiling should be treated in effortless way. You can install a nice illumination by using small chandelier. If you want to enjoy breezy air in the dining space, you can install lighting fans. The chairs and table should be in sleek and streamlined structures when you like furnishing modern dining room without spending much cash.

Modern Dining Room Color Theme

The modern dining room can make the room appear inviting and welcoming. Many people consider neutral color as the overpowering color to apply in the modern interior. When it comes about decorating a dining room, it is the best color since it can increase your appetite and support the digestion system.

You can choose the appropriate shade. For modern style, pick the light and simple color as possible. Avoid the bold and striking color as it can deliver distracting effect. The conversation occurred in the dining room can run smoothly for the color can affect you psychologically.

You do not need to choose dark color as the main color in the dining room if you want simple and easy design. Dark color can be used as the accent shade to make the room stand out. The room will look formal if you can add a grandeur style of lamp. You install a chandelier with six bulb spots. The shade of illumination can be in burgundy so that it can be reflected perfectly in the dining room. The ceiling can be treated with a medallion to deliver the luxury feeling. The wall is important to decide in modern dining room. I will never suggest you to paint the entire surface with dark color.

You can paint the wall in white for base color and tan striped pattern. Tan can reduce the overpowering effect of color shade. The furniture pieces like chairs and dining table can be made from chocolate colored wood. It can make the room fabulous and formal. The light colored furniture tends to express the casual style. The chairs can feature high quality upholstery. Spread an area tug under the dining table. It can be made in French style design. You can install a thick pleated burgundy or maroon curtain in the window of your modern dining room.

Give personality to your dining room with accessories that can complement each other. Highlight a feature or create an effect using some color. Be brave! You can always frame an area with a pair of curtains or an eye-popping rug. Let your dining table be the focal point of the dining room. Place it in the centre of the dining room on a carpet that contrasts with the floor. Add good mood lighting with big lanterns, table lamps or candelabra.

Modern Lighting

When it comes to beautifying an interior, especially the dining room, the color and the furniture selection might come in first and second place. But, we often forget another important element to promote a warm and intimate ambience in the dining room ideas, which is the lighting. Either, you plan on designing a casual or formal dining room, the proper lighting will give a real impact on the ambience creation. Because, principally, either it’s the natural lighting or the artificial lighting, is very important to each room in a house.

It is such a big job for the people to define the right dining room lights. The type of dining room lamp is various. You need to suit it with the theme applied in the eating space. It is unsuitable for the people to adorn the modern dining room with wrought iron dining light.

The modern eating space is greatly adorned with metal framed dining room. It can feature polished material in shining design. You can have it in the form of pendant lighting. But the form of the frame should be simple, easy, and straight. Eliminate the framed lighting with intricate pattern and motif since it can make the room busy.

The overhead lighting may be the first lighting system in the modern dining room interior. The overhead lighting includes the chandelier and close-to-ceiling lamp. Place the overhead lighting right above the dining table to ensure the lighting pointing at the dining table. If your dining room is kind of a small, it’s recommended to choose the close-to-ceiling lamp whose design is simpler and smaller.

The second option of the lighting of the dining room ideas is the track lighting. As we know that, the track lighting is a popular lighting, because we can change its direction and it provides a very modern look to a room that applies it.

If you want to enjoy a rustic nuance in your modern dining room, you can go with wrought iron chandelier. It is fun and distressed to have. Pick the wrought iron chandelier made in black shade to deliver the authentic rustic style. It can be used as the focal point of your house. If you want to stay simple without complicated illumination, you can install recessed lighting. The installation is by mounting the lamps in the ceiling. If you want to give a focus on certain area in the eating room, you can install track dining room lights.

It can be used to give spot illumination on the collection of your china, plates, and antique ware located on the buffet or sideboard. Dining room lamps comes in wide array of shapes, design, and size. If your dining room is so big, you need to apply several types of lamps. The primary lamps can be in crystal chandelier. The wall sconces can set the romantic mood. Or you can install a dimmer to make the illumination softer to perceive. The shape is various. If you want unique shape, you can pick the dining room lights in floral, butterfly, or even geometric pattern.

The last lighting option of the dining room ideas is, the most romantic one, the candlelight. Yes, it simply offers a warm and intimate feel when you have a dinner with your spouse, and also all the family members. You can set a three-candle candelabra in the middle of the dining table, beautified by some roses.

ModernMinimalist Dining Room Decor

The minimalist dining room decor are another important step to do to complete a modern home concept in your dining area. Once you’ve finished decorating your bedroom, living room, and even the bathroom with the minimalist concept, it’s time for you to get to your dining room. Creating your modern dining room with the minimalist concept will present a clean, simple, and also elegant through the both the arrangement and the decor of the minimalist dining room.

Ok, the first thing you can do is the coloring element. The neutral colors like white and brown can give the impression of a cozy and elegant dining room. Use white as the base color on the walls and ceiling. That way, the dining room will look spacious, fresh, and clean. Meanwhile, you can present the brown color on the floor through the use of parquet flooring to bring out the feel of elegance and natural.

Combine the wall color with the furniture and accessories that have a simple design. Make sure that you choose the minimalist dining table and chair to suit the entire dining room concept. The design is characterized by the clean surface, and it usually only doesn’t have more than two colors.

As the ornamental element of the minimalist decor, you can integrate a potted plant in the corner of the dining room, or hang a simple abstract-themed painting in the most strategic spot in the dining room. This will absolutely kick away the monotonous or flat impression which is normally appeared if we apply this interior concept.

Functional, practical, simple, clean, and also tidy are the main selling points of the minimalist interior concept. Therefore, by applying the minimalist design into your dining room, you will find it a very comfortable place to gather and enjoy the meal with your beloved family.

Luxury Modern Dining Room

When you invite family and friend, it will be nice to entertain them on the luxury modern dining room. It is the best place for you to encounter since you can have a nice chit chat while enjoying the delicious food all night long.

Having a party will be great to celebrate in this space. But you need to ensure that this place looks luxury and modern at the same time. The modernity can be perceived by the lack of clutter and messy look.

The luxury feeling is seen from the finest and elegant material, furniture pieces, and color. The room looks interesting if you can paint it with rich color. Many people think rich color is always represented with dark shades. It is not always true since you can choose the pearly lavender accent to adorn the wall. It can bring airy look without making the room old fashioned. The dining room appliances and tool like plates, china, and glasses can be made from transparent material like crystal and glass. The people who want to enjoy a back to basic style can choose the farm decoration in luxury modern dining room.

You can start the look by treating the wall. Choose the bright brown color or fresh green hue on the wall. The chair cushion, rug, lampshade and place mat look nice in lavender shades. Don’t forget to install open shelves and fill them with secondhand bottles, containers and jars. If you want to enjoy simple and relaxing sense while eating on the space, you can adorn them with aqua blue. The table linen, area rug and curtain can be made in geometric pattern. The furniture pieces should look edgy. You can have them made in glossy and shining style to resemble the luxury modern dining room theme.

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