30 Modern and Contemporary Living Room Design Ideas

Modern living room design will make your living room become complete and beautiful. As one of the most important rooms in your house, living room has special functions. It is the place to entertain your guests, spend quality time with your family, and the perfect place for relaxing with your TV or just reading your favorite books.

Living room is one of the most important rooms in house, and most people spend a lot of time in their living room. Living room can represent your character, flavor, and the image. In the concept of modern room is not only space that is designed to pamper your guests. To have a modern design, you can put some modern furniture in your living room.

Living room furniture must-have like sofa and coffee table. a living room is not only lounge that welcomes guests and visitors, it also serves as a focal point and acts as a showcase for the entire house. The living room is the focal point of the house, and a place that will bring comfort and joy to all residents. With some knowledge of interior design you will be able to mix and match the right furniture to have a comfortable living room without compromising functionality and aesthetic aspects.

The next thing to decorate a modern living room is the lighting. You can choose ceiling light as your main lighting. And add some accent wall with a lamp or floor lamp.

Modern living room interior design is defined with muted tones, straight lines and clean furniture pieces. You can also have the living room filled with geometric shapes.A pop of bold colors such as lime green, bold red, shocking pink and electric blue are nice to have as the accent in the living room. The muted colors such as beige, white, pale blue, grey or beige are used as the main colors on the wall. To make the room modern, you have to know the specific paint color. You can go with satin or semi glossy color which can deliver the sparkling light on the living room wall.

The furniture pieces do not have to look complementary with the wall color. You can bring contrast by using the dark colored living room furniture. Those who love to decorate the living room wall with beige can have the chairs, sofa and coffee table in black, navy blue or cheery red color. Modern living room encourages you to have a socking color which can banish the bare mood in the living room. You can have a bold red area rug to make the floor appealing. An avocado green curtain or shutter is nice to have on the white colored window.

When you like to decorate the wall with pictures, photos or paintings, you can choose the modern one. It can be made in abstract or geometric design. Choose a sculpture created from aluminum or cast iron. It can be made in abstract design or floral pattern. Set it on the mantle wall to gain attention. When you talk about the lamps inside the modern living room, you can pick the primary lamps in recessed lighting. To enjoy a modern decorative design on the ceiling, you can choose twin pendant lighting with chrome accent as the fixture. Your modern living roomwill be perfect.

Modern living room furniture for unique design should be varied. You can fill the living room with several types of furniture pieces. Sometimes, people pick the plain idea by decorating the living room with sectional sofa. You can avoid this idea by placing the club chairs, bean bag, papasan chair, chaise long or even leather loveseats. A leather material can make your living room elegant and modern. All of them can form good harmony if they are made from similar framework and color.

Now decide the focal point in the modern living room so that you can choose the prefect layout to locate the pieces. If you choose the fireplace area as the focal point, you can set them on the opposite area of the focal point. When picking the coffee table, you need to be smart. Choose the functional one that you can use not only to hold on the drink and food, but also to save your valuable items in the living room. As I have stated before, a modern living room should be in simple and minimal look. Therefore, you do not need to display all accessories and knick knacks.

You can save some of them to bring ample and non cluttered feeling in the room. A coffee table can be made with a glass top. The framework can come in metal or wood depending on the style of your seats. If you want to create an elegant feeling on the middle area, choose a leather ottoman. It is a perfect choice for the people who like to have a functional and decorative coffee table. To make the decoration inside the living room complete, you can hang work of art on the wall. You can choose the pictures of Scandinavia or Belgium which can represent urban feeling inside modern living room furniture.

Modern living room for small space can make your home appeal wonderful and fine. You can make the smaller space in the living room big and cozy if you can decorate it perfectly. You do not need to go crazy when decorating the small living room. You have to keep every single thing in simple and minimal state. Avoid using the bulky furniture pieces because they can make your living room even smaller. The first thing that you need to do is avoiding any clutter by using a media wall. It can avoid you from seeing any books, DVDS, electronics and toys spreading around the floor, sofa and wall.

By having a media wall, you can arrange those items in neat position. Pick the big statement when you want to accessorize the small modern living room. You do not need to have many smaller pieces. Pick few pieces in big size to create bold effect on the wall. Now think about the layout on your living room furniture. Sometimes you make your home even smaller due to the wrong choice of layout. You can choose the L shaped layout furniture since it can give you a natural floor in the room. The foot traffic will be ample to access if you never block the access on the window and door.

An ottoman is more wonderful than coffee table because it can save a lot of things inside the ottoman. You can have the sectional sofa with an end table to hold on your table lamp. The last thing to decide in modern home is the color. You can have muted colors such as white beige, grey and tan. Apply one of those colors on the wall. Then you can accent the living room with some socking colors in red or lime green.

The contemporary living room design is characterized with the clean lines, light color, cool architectural style and minimal accessories. The crowded feeling is not seen in a modern décor because you have to keep every single item in minimal state.

Contemporary living room can feature the high technology products and furniture. You can expose the style, slim and edgy television with DVD and games consoles as the focal point in the living room. It can be made with stylish black frame if your wall is decorated in white color. The focal point is very important to decide because it determines the way you apply the chairs, coffee table and love seats. If you do not want to use any television as the focal point, choose the modern work of art. For example, you can decorate the wall on the fireplace mantle with modern wall art gallery or sculpture.

If you think that such culture is too overbearing, you can pick another modern décor.You can hang an abstract wall art. It can make the living room unique because abstract pattern is edgy and chic. The furniture pieces in modern home should come with clean lines and surface. You have to eliminate the carved chairs or even busy velvet sofa. Choose the sofa in neutral color. Pick the light one without overstuffed look. Then you can spread some toss pillows.However, keep them in minimal design to avoid any busy feeing in contemporary living room.

Contemporary living room with a fireplace should carry a comfortable feeling. The people living in a cold region must have a fireplace. It can be a good structure to keep your body warm when you are hanging out with family or friends in the living room. The fireplace area can be a focal point in the living room so that you can enjoy a direct heat from the fireplace. The people living in a modern home usually choose the modern fireplace created from natural stone or synthetic material. There is no need to use any coal or even wood if you want to enjoy a warm feeling.

The placement of the furniture pieces determines the comfort in the living room. You need to choose the modern living room layout. What you need to do is placing the chairs, sofa, and coffee table on the opposite area of the fireplace. The sofa is in front of the fireplace with a coffee table to place in between. You can have chairs and sectional sofa on either side of the fireplace facing each other.A floor lamp can be located beside the love seat or sofa for additional lighting. If you have a long and narrow living room, divide the space in some zones. You can have a reading zone in the living room.

Use a papasan chair or sectional for a reading seat. If you want to make the living room classic and easy, a wooden rocking chair can be placed around the fireplace. However, many people now choose the high technology rocking chairs with adjustable design than a traditional wooden rocking chair. It is okay to have a small home office in the living room if your home is very small. You can have a wall mounted table on the corner spot for the living room. Place a desk in front the table. When you do not use this space, you can fold the table. Thus, your modern living room layout looks ample and neat.

Contemporary living room design ideas 2011 should be free from any crowded feeling. When you decorate the living room, you need to avoid placing too many small objects and items in the living room. They can make your living room crowded and busy. If you have to keep many important items in the living room, you can use a hidden storage space. If you want to decorate the small loveseats, you do not need to place many toss pillows. You can pick one or two toss pillows to create a minimal decoration on the loveseats.

If you need to have more toss pillows, you can take them from the hidden storage space located underneath the coffee table. If you take all toss pillows and set them on the sectional sofa, people will be uncomfortable with busy design. The wall in contemporary living room should be clear from any decoration. You do not need to hang multiple pictures or paintings. If you do not want to decorate the living room wall with any picture, you can leave it bare. However, you need to focus the decoration on the architectural effect of the wall.

If your living room is decorated with brick wall, you can explore the texture of red brick wall to create an interest and contemporary nuance in the living room. If you want to make it fabulous, decorate the wall with minimal artwork. You can have a modern sculpture made from metal. It can feature glass material to create reflective item in the living room. Pick the extraordinary shape of sculpture and fixtures to define unique mood. The last thing to do is adding accessories in the living room. You can have a floor lamp to decorate the corner space in the contemporary living room.

You need to concern about the aspect of appearance and functionalities. Well, you need to know that your living room offers people with quality comfort to relax. You should know the ways on how to provide good enhancement and quality of the living room. There are many different efforts that people can do in order to provide their living room with further quality enhancement especially in the aspect of comfort. It is true that people gain different efforts to make their bedroom have better quality of interior.

The most important things to conduct improvement for contemporary interior are cozy, comfort, and also functionality. If you have no problem to fulfill those aspects, you will never suffer from difficulty. It is a basic requirement for people to provide their living room with quality comfort. Comfort becomes the most important aspect. You will face insomnia you are not cozy here. The next important quality for the bedroom is the theme of the room. What people need to focus is a certain theme which really suits to the lifestyle and taste of the occupants. You can go with nautical, seashell, or floral theme.

Now think about the suitable furniture for the living room. The furniture should represent the quality of the comfort for the living room. Choose a high quality chairs and table which makes the appearance well in room. It can come in minimalist chairs or sectional sofas. If you want to keep the antique design in the living room without making the space cramped, you can choose wooden furniture. You can have them painted in tan, red, coffee brown or black color. The appearance of curtain, table, cabinets, area rug and sofa is also important for people to consider when they want to decorate contemporary living room.

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