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The baby room should be decorative interesting, fun and safe. Parents will love to welcome the newborn baby by decorating the room with fresh color. You can make it look bright and interesting with several themes like animal, garden and flower.

To decorate baby room might be one many things that make new parents pretty nervous. The newborn baby room should be really well and carefully prepared and decorated due to its crucial function to support the growth of your baby physically and psychologically. However, decorating a baby room is such a fun job to do, because it’s like that you can already spruce her through the bedroom interior design. The baby’s bedroom is much much more complicated compared to the kids’ or even teenagers’ bedroom. But before going further, now we will first discuss about the right paint color to decorate your baby room.

Actually, there are many color choices for baby room ideas. The hard part is the choice whether you paint the bedroom just for the infancy or you can give colors in the bedroom that will suit the baby’s growth. However, when it comes to a kid bedroom or playroom, we also talk about the fun aspect that you should integrate in your her bedroom starting from her babyhood.

  • Pink - Well, for a newborn baby girl bedroom, people might directly think about integrating all-out pink in her room. This might be the simplest popular choice, because pink reflects the feminine. However, avoid painting all walls with pink due to its tacky and bright impression. Leave out one side of the wall to be painted with white. Meanwhile, from the bedding, carpet, curtains, and also a changing table can be painted with pink. You may think that pink is such a cliche for baby girls room. But in fact, pink color is the most calming and soothing color especially for a growing child. It represents love and affection. Therefore, no wonder if pink has always been the first color option that refers to feminine aspect, which is so tender and subtle. This can be the dominant color in the bedroom, while the accent color is white or gray.
  • White - White has always been the number one option for those who desire to have such an airy and clean bedroom. It goes the same way to the parents who’ve just gifted a beautiful baby. White color is a perfect color theme to fulfill the baby room. White has long been representing the purity and innocence. Those two words are best suited to decorate a baby room.
  • Blue - Blue-themed bedroom reflects tranquility and creativity. You may hear that this color is always associated with the boys’ bedroom. In fact, due to its ambience felt in the bedroom, it’s also perfect to fill your baby room.

Choose the theme based on the gender of your baby. If you want to have a big surprise in the delivery process and do not want to know the gender of your baby, you can pick the neutral themes like jungle, duck, Mickey Mouse and cartoon themes. The color scheme should be determined. You can pick the bright look by painting the wall with pale yellow, light blue, pastel pink, soft blue and off white shades.

The border of your wall can be decorated with decal in the shapes of animals. The jungle safari theme is popular for it can make the room wild. The lampshade in the room can feature animal print. You can pick the natural material to adorn the newborn room. You can pick the bamboo mat located on the doorway. The window can be covered by using bamboo shades. You can adorn the bed with mosquito netting. Choose the decorative one which can bring beautiful effect in the room.

The ceiling fan equipped with leaf blades makes the room airy. You can choose the fan made in wood since it can support the jungle air. If the room is made for your boy, you can pick the dinosaur theme. You just have to adorn the room with jungle theme and then you can add more dinosaur stickers and knick knacks to make the room fabulous. The bedding, window covering, and area rug can be made in dinosaur prints. The wallpaper features the foliages with some dinosaur characters. Place a big dinosaur doll to make the baby room more personal and fabulous.

Modern baby room decoration

This style might be the most popular interior concept nowadays. You can see it applied throughout your neighbors houses. Feel free to apply it in your newborn baby room. Since the modern theme always prioritizes simplicity and cleanliness, making your daughter’s bedroom a clean and easy-to-maintain bedroom. Well, the neutral tones like white or gray can be incorporated as the base color, while the accent color could be bright colors like yellow, blue, or green.

The shabby chic theme is one of the modern’s most popular newborn baby bedroom’s theme. It creates both elegant and feminine in the bedroom. The usual shabby chic’s base color is pale purple due to its dynamic and vibrant impression. Make sure that you choose the lightest purple shade. For the furniture, you can apply off-white as the typical color of the classic shabby chic style. As a finishing touch, add a simple chandelier in the middle of the bedroom, and this will present an elegance and classiness in the early age of your baby.

The light color is accented on the wall, while dark color is for the crown molding, window bay and trim. If you want to accessorize the room, you can pick the items in deep color. Pattern is important to decide in modern baby room. Some interesting patterns to infuse in the bedroom are polka dots, stripes and flowers. You can apply the pattern on the selection of curtain, bedding, area rug, and toss pillow. Green is always associated with plants. It will be fun if you can set some plants on the bedroom.

If you do not have much time to maintain the real plants, you can adorn the bedroom with artificial flowers. Accommodate then on deep pink vases. It can bring the outdoor scene right away on the room. The last thing to do is accessorizing the bedroom. The shades, pillows and lampshades can be made in deep pink or hot pink. You can choose a green chair to make the modern baby room special and fun.

Classic baby room decoration

The modern look is great but it cannot expose the authentic elegance and beauty. People love to have an classic style since it can deliver romantic, beautiful and luxury feeling.

You do not need to apply new decor when your baby grows up into a toddler or even a child. With some minor changes, you can update the room each year. There are many types of classic and antique items that you can choose. It can be based on the time period, color palette and theme. You can go with shabby chic, Victorian or even vintage Barbie styles.

Combining two or three colors in the room is fun since it can carry vibrant style. You need to choose the right paint color for the wall. Pick the soft one. You can adorn the wall with pink, soft yellow and ivory white. If you want to make the room striking, you can attach Victorian floral and damask wallpaper. The furniture in the room should be determined. You need to purchase it on the stores.The surface of the furniture in newborn baby rooms should be smoothly painted and sanded. You can bring a worn out and distressed look.

If you do not want to spend lot of cash, you can purchase the antique items on the flea market and repaint it with new color. The textiles in the room should look antique, flattering and vintage. You can stop for the area rug, curtain and bedding in vintage style. You can go with lace curtain and floral patterned bedding to adorn the private room. Don’t forget to accessorize the newborn baby girl rooms with slipper, dolls and picture frames.