8 Tips for Decorating Your Apartment!

Decorate your apartment is not a big deal to do. Most people are too lazy to decorate their apartment, just make it as ordinary place. Actually, you can decorate and design your place even without hire a professional home interior designer. So here they are, 8 tips for decorating your apartment!

  1. Know the empty spaces and what’s the perfect things to be placed in those empty spaces. It doesn’t matter you have small or large apartment, the size doesn’t matter after all. But maximize the empty spaces is a must, don’t forget to arrange the most strategic position for every items and purchases, don’t let one items fill too much space because you don’t know how to arrange it.
  2. Besides know the spaces and arrange the organization, lighting decoration sets also take important point. Upgrade light fixtures, you don’t have to buy light fixtures with expensive and big size, pick cheap light fixtures with attractive and unique look. Pick light fixtures with the most modern type, like the ceiling lights with something elegant yet classy, pendant lights or chandeliers. The more shiny look you get for your apartment, the better look for the whole decoration and view.
  3. Buy new furniture sets for better interior and look.  Or you can get vintage furniture sets with unique décor.
  4. Focus for flooring decoration, if you can, do décor or pick the best flooring for apartment.
  5. Window treatment also take important part, make sure you maximize the décor from windows.
  6. And of course, it’s better if the whole spaces are clean enough so your apartment will feel cozier and more comfortable.
  7. What about color paint for the wall? Yes, don’t forget to pick the best colors for your wall of apartment. For a touch of elegant, pick neutral and soft colors like brown, cream, white or grey. But if you love bold and bright colors, cheerful side from orange, yellow, neon pink, blue can be the best recommendation.
  8. Not only by painting the wall, you can decorating the apartment by covering the wall with great wallpapers. Pick the best wallpapers like from vinyl ones, it can be the great solution if you don’t have much time for do the painting session and just want to get an attractive look from your wall décor.

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