African-Themed Interior For Wild Decor

When talking about African themed room, you will notice the wild decor. You can make the plain and boring look striking and vibrant with this decoration. You can adorn the wall with warm colors to make you cozy spending time in the living space. If you want to add a focal point on the wall, you can install animal printed wallpaper. It can be in zebra or giraffe pattern. To add wild effect, you can go with leopard pattern. Those who want to keep the wall in plain and natural state can decorate it with tan, sandy coral, taupe, mint green and sky blue. Accessorizing the living room is not easy to do. You can shop for the antique and tribal African hand crafts on the stores.

You can apply the hottest interior design by using African themed living rooms. Africa is always linked with animal prints. you can make the living room look nice, easy and simple by replacing the old fashioned design with new decorative pillows, wallpaper, furniture, table, area rug or mural. All of them are available in many stores in your town. Pick a certain color palette to evoke dramatic effect in the living room. You can go with a dark tone to create natural sense. For example, you can adorn the wall with dark green to resemble the look of jungle.

For example, you can decorate the fireplace mantle with African wooden statue. The middle of your fireplace wall can be dressed up with tribal plaque or African masks. There are many other interesting African wall decors to set on the room. If you want to carry an African exploration design, you can decorate the wall with explorer wall print, navigational tools and vintage globes. Those who love with safari and wild theme can bring animal printed skin for the floor covering. Choose the faux one if you like to preserve more endangered animals in the world.

If you have a lot of collections of African knick knacks and decors, you can display them on a special shelving unit. You can choose the open shelves that you can use to display the animal hand painted ceramics and ivory figurines. If you love with statues of animals, choose the one made from porcelain. It can be made in the form of zebra, giraffe, monkey, deer, tiger and jaguar for wild look in African themed room.

If you like with wild things in the room, you can choose the animal prints in cheetah or leopard. The wall art is great to make your plain wall stunning. You can create a focal point by putting a wild water fowl painting on the middle for your wall. If you want to bring tranquil effect in the room, you can set a big mural depicting the pine forest or Kalahari Desert to make the wall more eyes popping to view. You can combine African themed living rooms with bright colors such as rust, green, sunny yellow, burnt orange and sky blue to make it resemble the nature in Africa.

If you like with dessert inspiration, you can choose dark brown shade on the wall. To make it look bright, you can dress up the room with light tone accessories. For instance, you can set a black and white zebra printed lamp shade, toss pillows and upholstery in African themed living rooms. The color proportion in the room will be balance. If you only use dark shades, your room looks drab and gloomy. There are many types of animal prints that you can set at home. You can choose deer printed toss pillows if you want to resemble tame animal.

African themed lounge can be decorated with a safari theme.When you are bored with plain color and style in your lounge room, you can try something new and perfect with safari decorating. When talking about safari theme, you know that it is inspired from African animal and landscape. You can add some African decoration, knick knacks and items to make the lounge room more authentic to view. The safari style can be applied on the toss pillows, area rug, upholstery, curtain and artwork. You just have to make sure that the textiles and patterns can go well each other. You should never bring conflict when using African themed lounge decoration.

Safari theme can be funny, simple and fun if you can infuse it with the right engaging decoration. You can use some wall stickers depicting the African animals like cheetah, jaguar, deer and hyena to dress the border of your wall.If you want to carry bigger look on your tight lounge room, you can add a tribal pattern mirror. It can reflect the light. You can shop the ethnic mirror for decorating African themed lounge in the thrifty or flea market in affordable price.

The wall in the lounge room can be painted with earthy color to carry the dessert feeling. You can choose taupe or rust to present the earth color for African land. Then you can decorate the wall with African wall art to add depth in the small lounge room. If you have a big wall art, set it in the middle of the wall to gain attention. If the wall art comes in smaller pieces, you can group them in less cluttered arrangement. You can have the wall art in the form of jungle or animal painting. If you like to add cultural effect in African themed lounge, you can set some authentic tribal masks on the wall.

The wilderness in this country can make your living room look unique and ethnic.You can display many interesting knick knacks of Africa to make your room more valuable and authentic. When you choose safari design, you need to combine the animal prints with rich colors. The main colors used in the living room should reflect the culture and land in Africa. If you like to enjoy ethnic style, tribal pattern is perfect to use. If you want to make it majestic, you can use bold shades as the main tones here. Safari style is great not only to define the interior design of your living room, but also office, bedroom and dining room.

You can start the decoration in African themed living rooms by using wonderful prints. You can choose the simple print to make your plain wall more adorable and striking to view. You can go with wallpaper in the prints of giraffe, leopard, tiger, cheetah and zebra. If you want to keep the wall in plain state, you can add prints on the fabrics for your furniture upholstery, pillow sham, curtain, area rug and quilt. You can keep it easy and nice by setting a leather couch in brown color.

Then you can decorate it with toss pillows in black and brown zebra prints. The coffee table can be made in dark brown mahogany to carry the premium and rustic effect in the room. The African safari will never look complete if you do not present any plants. You can enjoy the grassland feeling by arranging several bonsai trees on the window sill. If you want to enjoy amazing centerpieces in the table of your African themed living rooms, you can set faux small palm and cactus.

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