Coffee Table Ideas for Living Room Furniture


To complete the living room decor, apply coffee table. Coffee table is used to put a meal and drinks for welcoming the guests. It is available in various models. The model that is most often chosen for minimalist living room is a small rectangular coffee table. It looks very sweet and cute in the middle of the living room. Favorite material for the coffee table is glass and wood. Some people even combine wood and glass in a coffee table design. The art in interior design lies not only in function, but also on the physical appearance of the furniture. Beautiful interior design ideas will be useless if you do not get to choose the right furniture.

Wood coffee table are more suitable to beautify a classic design that is filled by the natural elements. Add varnish in dark brown or black color on the surface of the coffee table. Choose a table that has a shelf at the bottom so you can put an ashtray or newspaper under the table. Coffee table also requires centerpieces as complementary. Flower vase or fruit basket can be a brilliant idea. Some decorative candles can also be alternative if you like romantic concepts. Put a rug under the table so that you can sit around the table comfortably.

Unlike the wooden table, the glass table is perfect for the modern minimalist design. This usually comes as a round coffee table. Glass table seems still very popular as an alternative to wood. Although it is cheaper, it can look as beautiful as wooden table. Use the lace tablecloth as a sweetener ornament for table glass. However, if you choose glass as the main part of the coffee table, you should always pay attention to its clarity. Do not let stains and dust damage your table. Use a special cleaning solution to keep the glass stays clean and sparkling.

  • Wooden Coffee Table For Transitional Living Room With Abstract Art (View 1 of 32)
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  • Living Room With Two Tufted Sofas And Wood Coffee Tables (View 26 of 32)
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  • 2017 Modern Glass Coffee Table For Sitting Room Furniture (View 31 of 32)
  • Transitional Living Area With Gray Tufted Coffee Tables (View 32 of 32)

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