Combined Kitchen And Living Room Interior

Kitchen and living room combined can preserve the roominess in a great room. It is not an embarrassing moment when you have to combine several rooms in the house. It is considered as a smart choice for you can save the rooms in the house and makes the interior design look ample and big. You can enhance the ample space in the room without presenting the solid wall to separate each area in the house. You can drastically change the styles on your living room and kitchen by combining both spaces.

Even though it is a rare combination, you can make it look fascinating and fun with the right treatment and decoration. Start the decoration in the kitchen and living room combined by installing wallpaper to make the room decorative. You do not need to install wallpaper in the entire wall. Choose one wall which can serve as the focal point in the room. For example, you install flower wallpaper on the wall against the sofa. The kitchen design looks nice with wallpaper in the backsplash area.

You can choose tribal pattern if you want bold effect in ethnic look. You can set a unique full set sofa for a noticeable look on the living room. If you want to cook conveniently in the kitchen without being spied by the guests who sit on the living room, you can separate the areas by using a removable divider. It can be made from a rice paper screen in plain color if you want nice and simple design. Or you can install a flattering curtain that you can close and open based on the personal interest when accessing the amazing kitchen and living room combined.

Living room and kitchen combined is considered as a unique feature in the house. But those who live in a small house need to combine the living room and kitchen for they have to lower the consumption of space in the room. The traffic flow in the room will never get tight if it comes in wise division. Combining areas in the house can save the roominess in the house. However, many people find it difficult to bring harmony in the living room and kitchen for you do not want the guests to feel uncomfortable by seeing your kitchen from the living room.

The best way to separate both areas is by using a room separator that you can purchase in many designs, styles, and colors. Pick the moveable one so that you can remove it when it is not used. Now you need to make the room look bigger by using light colors of both living room and kitchen combined ideas. You can go with light colors in tan, beige, sunny yellow, and cream. If you choose sunny yellow, you can make the room bright.

This color can bounce the sun light. You can install a glass wall in the entire area of your house to make it modern and big. The sofa in the room can be in olive green to carry refreshing look. You can make it look coordinated with the kitchen when you put an olive green bar stools around the kitchen island. When you like to decorate the plain sunny yellow wall, you can go with earthy tone painting and tapestries. You can have the coffee table, kitchen cabinet and other furniture pieces painted in earthy tones like dark brown, cream, beige and taupe to reduce the overbearing effect of sunny yellow and olive green color in living room and kitchen combined.

There are many ideas to furnish and decorate a open space kitchen interior. Many questions about living room where the kitchen is also integrated. If you go into the concept of open space everything will be easier. When it comes to open space, must try to decorate the area without thinking that on the one hand there is the dining room, across the living room and even the kitchen . Everything must be well-integrated while maintaining each space and its role.

For small kitchen and living room in one room you can choose a bright shade but not too intense , so will not bother you and can emphasize the different spaces of the living area. For example, if you choose blue,you can paint the walls of your kitchen with turquoise tiles.

To ensure the kitchen environment is perfectly attuned with living room, you should choose the kitchen furniture same finish as the living room. In this way, stove, sink, oven and everything that is part of your kitchen will not be out of place with the rest of the living area.

The decoration for kitchen and living room combined will be unique to do. The combined space is always perceived when you visit a small house of your family and friends.This design is the only thing that they can do to preserve the roominess in the space. You can choose the modern or contemporary style to treat the room as a space saving solution. You know the way to decorate a certain room by using modern theme.

You do not need to choose any complicated design or pattern. It can make the room busy and intricate. Why don’t you choose the innovative design and fill both rooms with high quality technologies? It makes the occupants impressed with home decor selection. The innovative design can be seen on the furniture pieces in Small Kitchen and Living Room Combined. You do not need to present any bulky pieces. The mini kitchen cabinet is great to have. You can make it from maple wood. It is sold in affordable price. Ensure that the color for furniture in the living room and kitchen is harmonious. You can choose dark brown color. It can present the high quality of luxury.

Then you need to set a long and sleek countertop for the work space when you like to prepare food and meals for the family. Add some stools around the countertop for dining and gathering space. The living room is perfect to equip with a full set of modern wooden sofa. You can fill the wooden sofa with cushions in white, pastel blue or lime green.A mirror located on the wall is perfect to reflect the sunlight during the day. It tends to deliver bigger feeling. Don’t forget to set a room separator to add privacy in the kitchen and living room combined design.

Finding a living room with kitchen at home is not a common thing. But people who only have a small house, condo or apartment have to do it to trick the small space. Rather than installing a solid wall, a great room with kitchen and living room is perfect to have. You can install a removable divider to separate the space. The decoration in living room and kitchen should come in harmony. The color palette, types of furniture, and accessories in both rooms should carry similar design and style.It looks bad if you pick the contrasting decoration in a great room.

One of the important things to represent in the living room with kitchen is lighting. The styles of light in the shops are various. You need to make the living room and kitchen bright and sparkling. Without any light you cannot perform any job in the kitchen. Preparing the food is not easy to do. When a guest comes to your house, you cannot entertain him or her without any sparkling light at night. To enjoy the modern feeling in the living room, you can install multi pendant light. It can come in five lamps to enjoy sparkling decoration in the living room.

If you like to enjoy grandeur feeling in traditional living room and kitchen, set a small crystal chandelier. A lamp in the kitchen should be functional and decorative. You can install under cabinet lighting when the night comes. It is more energy efficient. If you want to have dinner and prepare food, you can turn on the multi pendant lighting in the kitchen for functional purpose. Sometimes people want to enjoy a relaxing feeling in the living room. You can turn off the primary lamps. Install wall sconces for a dim light situation in the living room with kitchen design.

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