Contemporary Dining Room Sets With China Cabinet

Some furnishings are found in the dining room are usually a part of home interior design. Many home owners who provide furniture according to the concept of the dining room interior. Some of them even give too much furniture for their dining room. For example, while the dining room has a contemporary design sometimes some home owners put some modern furniture which luxurious and expensive. Indeed, it is certainly not a big deal, but we have to use dining room furniture according with the design that we apply. Some dining room furniture that we normally use is a cabinet or closet, cutleries, chairs and table. However, dining room furniture which brings more functionality contained within a cabinet or closet.

Cabinet for some people just common furniture that has a function for storing food or cutlery supplies. However, we can maximize this function by presenting contemporary dining room cabinets or closet mix with another style or culture ideas. In this case it would be fun and unique to combine oriental style typical of Asian style elements with modern and contemporary design. You can create a dining room with an Oriental nuances which has typical characteristic east Asian culture. With that unique style, the dining room will become an interesting place for gathering while enjoying some meals together.

As the picture has shown you, that dining room has a contemporary style from the neutral colors which have served on that dining room. But what make this dining room different than other dining room is Oriental nuances which we can feel from its furniture, one of them is the cabinet or closet. We can find those kind of cabinets in China with their original pattern like dragon with red color. But when we mix it with contemporary style, we keep the shape, but we changed the color of the cabinet. So we can get both its contemporary and its East Asian style.

In the same hand with cabinet, the chairs look so oriental, from their shape and material which use for making the chairs. We know that some oriental furniture made from wood, solid wood. Keep the shape and changed the color.

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