Decorative Cushions for Bedrooms

As the main room in a house, bedroom is always been a priority for most homeowners. Wanting to get cozy atmosphere with comfortable situation which ease the homeowners to rest and spend most of the time there, becomes the common goal to achieve for a bedroom. Yet, combining the basic function of bedroom as a place to rest and utilize it as a piece of art where it could be one of outstanding point in your house is not a bad idea after all. One effective way to achieve that is by decorating bedroom with colorful cushions. And these are several ideas that inspire you to improve the look of your rooms.

Colorful Stripes Cushions

For those who like to have a simple and minimalist design of bedroom, go bold with colorful cushions. Combining simple design of bedroom with plain cushions will look so boring. Thus, choosing decorative cushions for your bedroom with colorful stripes design is a good point to make the room looks livelier. Stripes design still applies the simple accent but the colors are the highlights here.

Word Printed Cushions

If you want to apply modern touch to your bedroom, try to get cushions with printed words. It is simple but looks cool. The base color of the cushion is usually bright (white, light grey, light brown) and the words are printed in dark colors (black, dark blue, etc). Undoubtedly, your rooms look youth and modern.

Reading Cushions

Next decorative cushions for bedroom accentuates more on its function. Yeap, for you who like spending time by reading before going to sleep, this cushion can be the best option. Added by a pocket and loop to a pillow, you can put your books or magazine inside. And you’re ready to read.

Picture Cushions

This thing hits a lot nowadays. Go get your favorite pictures to be printed on your cushions. It is fun but the impact is a real good for the whole visual of your room. You can also do it by yourself. Prepare a printer and fabric to print. Sew each side if it’s done. Voila…. You get your beloved ones picture on your pillows.

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