How to Make Your Own Beaded Curtains to Beautify Your Window

The furniture on your house is important to make beautify. There is some furniture which you can use to beautify your house. You should choose the best one to have the best appearance inside and outside the house. The furniture that can be seeing from the outside is curtain. You need curtain to prevent the viewer from the outside. The curtain also has many advantages for your house. Beside the curtain can prevent the viewer from the outside, it also can prevent the wind and can make your house warmer. There are so many models of curtain that can you use on your house. You can use cloth curtain, string curtain and also beaded curtain.

With using the cloth curtain, you can prevent the viewer and wind from the outside. And with the best model, color and pattern, the cloth curtain also can make your house beautiful from the outside and inside. Moreover, with the string curtain, you also can make your house beautiful. The string curtain not only can be used on your window, but also the string curtain can be used for divide between 2 rooms inside your house.

Beside the cloth and string curtain, you also can use the beaded curtain. You can find the best beaded curtain in the special place that sell the new product. Because of this is the best curtain in, this product only available in the some store. You can find this curtain with the best beaded in every each curtain. You can use it in your window or to divide between 2 rooms on your house. With the best beaded curtain, you can have the best materials that only limited available for selling. When you use the beaded curtain on your house, your house can have different appearance than the other.

Strength character of beads which small and flat will be more prominent if arranged properly and artistically. Not only in cloth, or accessories ( necklaces, brooches, bracelets, and earrings ) but also on the curtains, net curtains, tie back and tassel.

Beaded curtains are often used as substitution of room’s door and another room divider, and also can look pretty in the window. Though, our privacy will be a little opened than with a curtain which made of fabric. However, to beautify room, you can do it yourself by using a rope and beads.

Various beads and sequins can be obtained easily in some of craft stores around your city. These kind of rocks consist of the original stone, crystal, and imitation ( plastic or acrylic ). But the most favorite among others is the imitation stones, beside the prices re cheaper, imitation stones also lighter than the other stones.

Beads, both from the rock ( faux or real ), wood, metal, sequins, and studs, must have a hole on their edge or the middle. This hole for inserting a needle and thread or soft strings that can be installed to the curtain we choose.

Beads of metal, stone, wood, sequins, and studs which will be fitted to the curtain material should according to the material of the curtains. For example, original stone, used for curtains which made from thick accent. And for curtain which made from lighter material, for example cotton curtains, net curtains or nylon (nylon), choose a faux stone accent ( plastic and acrylic ) are often colored in silver and gold, or silver and gold metal imitation, and wood beads.

Rock which forms dense, such as round, oval, square, round, or irregular, are mounted hanging, either to the curtain or curtain holder ( tie back ) and tassel. Medium flat sequins and studs are installed flat or parallel to the material. The selection of different color beads and sequins can be matched or contrasted with the material. So do with the placement. According to your taste.

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