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If you are building or remodeling a house, the floor that you are using is one of the most important decisions you will have to make. This material will be something that you will have to see day in and day out, and it will add to or detract from a display space. If you want a floor that is beautiful as it is environmentally friendly, then you should make plans to your interior floors.

You can be sure to get a good return on your investment if you decide to go with cork floor. And of course, cork flooring is the right choice because they are sure to last and because it is all natural (ie you do not have to worry about man-made toxins that fill your home or worry about where your floor is made or derived from).

Cork flooring really is a sign of the future: renewable, sustainable, safe, and beautiful. If you want your house to look as modern as environmentally conscious, then you should definitely consider using cork flooring. Here are just a few of the many benefits of using cork flooring in your home.

One good reason to invest in cork flooring is that it will keep the bugs and allergens out of your house. The materials that make up the cork floors are very resistant to allergens and bugs. Thus, you do not have to worry about interference or even rot. This means that your home will be safe, clean, and that cork flooring you are sure to last for quite a long time. Thus, this durable all natural flooring such anti-allergic.

Because green living and sustainability popular, this means that cork flooring comes in a variety of colors. Given this diversity, you can be sure to find cork flooring that fits your personality and your home décor. You can even find a cork floor in the pattern! All natural floor does not have to be boring: cork floors are evidence of this.

A great feature of cork flooring is that which makes meaning that it produces less noise and vibration than other types of flooring. If you have children, then you know that there is nothing worse on a bad day than their sound of laughter, trace, and the things that go down to the wood surface. Cork flooring is easy to clean wood floors but without the noise level.

FLAGSTONE FLOORING for interior, anyone? Timeless and has its unique appearance, the idea of using flagstone flooring always become a great thing to use. Installing interior flagstone flooring can be your best recommendation when you know there are so many benefits about using this type of floor. But maybe you need to read these guides before installing interior flagstone flooring!

Before installing interior flagstone flooring, of course you should choose the best product and type of flagstone material you will use. All flagstone flooring types come with natural and unique look, with variety of colors, styles, sizes and designs. Each types has unique characteristics and maintenance requirements, so make sure you pick the best one.

Now, it comes to an installation process. Do you want to hire a professional or do DIY project, it’s your free choice. But read the instructions and prepare the complete tools are things you should really take care about. By installing interior flagstone flooring in the right way, you will help the floor to get good protection and keep the permanently great quality.

RAISED FLOORING NOW BECOME A VERY POPULAR CHOICE. Many office buildings now use this kind of flooring as their solution. Come with efficiently modern look, raised flooring known for its flexibility as access of cables, pipes and internal IT structures of building office. That’s why this flooring type become favorite for office flooring installment. Not only that, with raised flooring, the maintenance is really easy and can be used for to distribute air conditioning system down flow, make an efficiently maximum and fresh air to cool the whole office area, especially internal data rooms.

Sustainable and flexible, still there are some considerations before installing raised flooring. Here are the things you should know about installing raised flooring and considers this way:

Modern office buildings maybe really need to use raised flooring and raised flooring can be the most suitable instrument they can choose. But what about using raised flooring for your home? If you want simple thing, it can’t be so wrong to use raised floor. But if your home is totally a different type, a home with large space and rooms, with modern architectures and has other functions as your office area too, the idea of raised floor can be your recommendation. Although, people rarely use this for their own houses.

And it’s better to hire a professional because raised flooring is different than when you install other type of flooring independently. Maybe you can install wood or tile flooring by yourself, but raised flooring is more difficult with so many detail of instructions. Especially if you want to install it in your office building. So, hire a professional to install the raised flooring will be a safe decision when in other side also will make you feel sure the raised flooring can work nicely and perfectly like you really want.

TILE FLOORING can be said as one of the best recommendation for your floor at home. Tile is basic and everyone’s favorite. Tile flooring can be used for all flooring parts in your home, from kitchen, dining room, living room to another rooms. Even you can use tile flooring for your bathroom area. Tile known for its comfortable side and durability. And now, there are some very nice tile flooring that looks like wood that can be your ideal choice.

As we know that wood material come with great quality, thickness and strong material. Wood material also give efficiently lovely look you really want for your floor at home. That’s why wooden material become most lovable flooring people often to use. With very nice tile flooring that looks like wood and so many choices from rustic, contemporary, modern, and even more realistic, sure people will love the whole design look of this flooring type!

Installing tile flooring that looks like wood itself is not a very hard thing to do. Even you can do it by yourself. First, ofcourse it’s so important to know which wood tile is the right option for your floor. Know specific information about wood tile and pick the best section for you as well so you can start your DIY project as soon as possible.

After that, you can install the tile flooring that looks like wood in your floor parts of home. So many tutorial videos on internet for your best consideration. The installation itself is very easy and can be done for all people, even the beginners. You don’t need to have very great skill because once you learn the whole instructions and steps by steps, we totally sure you can do it by your own self.

YOU CAN GET very luxuries and rich look with tiger wood flooring. Known for so many years as the best option for your floor at home, Tiger Wood flooring come with so many advantages you can have if you pick this choice.

Tigerwood flooring is beautiful, exotic, special and lovely. Tigerwood flooring will darken slightly to a redder tone with exposure to sunlight and really suitable for all type of houses, especially large and big houses. Besides that, tigerwood flooring is often used for flooring in decks, buildings and offices. The idea of exotic and simplicity design make this floor become a favorite thing. Is it strong enough? Don’t worry because tiger wood flooring is very strong and has its great durability.

What about price? Well, maybe, compared to other type of floors, tiger wood flooring come with higher price. But if we know that its thickness and strong material, and ofcourse the amazing appearance, we won’t hesitate to say yes to tiger wood flooring. The exotic feeling of tiger wood flooring will make you satisfied and feel very comfortable to walk on the floor at home.

There are things you should know too about the protection and maintenance. You must be careful with tiger wood floors because if exposed to sunlight, it will change color. Although tiger wood floor still an excellent wood flooring product despite the drawbacks.

What about cleaning and the whole maintenance? Maintain the floor by placing area rugs in more high use areas along with trimming your pet’s nails. Add felt protectors to the bottom of furniture and vacuum the dirs to prevent the scratching of the wood. You can also do a regular cleaning with plain water and mop on the tiger wood flooring. The maintenance is very easy to do and won’t ruin the floor, you will still get very luxuries and rich look with tiger wood flooring.

RUBBER FLOORING NOW BECOME POPULAR CHOICE.  Rubber flooring proves its great look by become a solution for commercial building or high traffic environments. From floor at home to floor of building and office, rubber flooring become a very great choice to choose. But great to know the benefits of rubber flooring before you decide this flooring type, right? So here are the benefits of rubber flooring.

Rubber flooring come with with a wide selection of colors, patterns, and textures available, with its elegant look and durability. Rubber flooring also strong, tough, and resilient against a variety of conditions. Can be said as one of the best flooring types that environmentally friendly.

And rubber flooring come with low maintenance, too. It’s very easy to take care, easy to install and clean, no need to worry or hardly clean it. You only need a mop and warm clean water to clean the floor in daily housekeeping. But for important note, avoid detergents for cleaning the rubber flooring because it can’t ruin the floor.

What about look? Rubber flooring has its soft and simple look. The opinion that rubber flooring come with very expensive and hard to maintain value is so wrong. The look maybe exclusive, but the maintenance and price are so friendly. So you won’t feel regret to use this type of flooring design.

And of course, as the best flooring, the floor should make you feel comfortable enough when walk on the floor. Rubber is comfortable and suitable for all floors in all room types. From dining room, living room, kitchen area to your bedroom or bathroom, rubber can be the best recommendation.

For another benefits, rubber flooring is dimensionally stable, water resistant and recyclable. These benefits not only give more points for rubber flooring but become a big guarantee about how the rubber flooring can be your greatest option to use.

HOW TO LAMINATE THE TIMBER FLOORING? Before you laminate or choose the timber flooring, here are the guide for timber flooring laminating you should consider deeply.

First, about all materials and preparation. If you hire a professional, of course it won’t be a big matter to prepare all the things. But different when you will do DIY project about it. That’s why you should do the whole preparation about materials, tools and room itself.

Know and measure the size of your room, read manufacturer's instructions about guide for timber flooring laminating, know detail about steps by steps. Also important to protect furniture with furniture felt pads,  make sure to measure the width and the length of your room, wear safety glasses and dust mask when cutting the laminate pieces and all DIY installation process. For comfort and safety, use knee pads or soft a towel under your knees when installing flooring.

What about complete tools? All tools you need for timber flooring laminating are circular saw, table saw, miter saw, tapping block, hammer, dead blow hammer, pullbar, utility knife, tape measure, wood glue, weights and pencil. These complete tools bring very important role for your installation process, so make sure you have all these things in your preparation.

Because laminating flooring need detail actions and right instructions, make sure you learn from the professional (or your close friend/family that can give you some practices) you can also learn from tutorial videos and articles on internet to show you how to install a floating timber laminate floor. You also must remember that laminate flooring can’t be installed in rooms with a floor drain. Make sure you follow all local building codes when installing flooring. Now, let’s take real act about installation process of timber flooring laminating.

PARKAY FLOORING can be your ideal choice. Parkay flooring is  a type of floor that come with different grains and type of woods. Parkay flooring known for its great popularity and most people use this type of floor to add great look for their flooring decoration. The reason why choosing parkay flooring come with so many advantages. Here are some reasons why you should choose parkay flooring :

  • We judge something from its cover. And parkay flooring has its great cover and look. The look of parkay flooring is appealing and sophisticated to many people. It's unique,  lovely, different but likeable.
  • Parkay flooring available with so many varieties of colors, styles and designs,  but make sure to find a design that fit your taste.
  • Durability also become important reason why you should choose parkay flooring. Parkay floors are very durable, strong and can permanently stay for usually lasts 50 years or mode. No need to renovate or resurface the parkay flooring.
  • Parkay flooring won’t need a very complicated cleaning instruction to do. Much like any other hardwood floor, is easy to clean. You can just do a regular cleaning with a broom and a mop without use any detergents. Parkay floors also rarely stain, and you don't have to worry about them absorbing unpleasant odors.
  • Parkay flooring is environmentally friendly. Besides the thickness and its durability, this parkay floor is totally a safe decision that suitable with your environment.
  • What else? Parkay flooring is  non-allergenic! If you are someone with some allergies, this kind of floor still can be an excellent choice. Besides that, the parkay flooring is suitable enough for those with small children at risk of developing allergies. The smooth surface provides no place for dust or other allergens to hide, unlike rugs or carpets.

INSTALL AND DÉCOR THE FLOOR COME WITH SO MANY CHOICES. Cushioning become one of the best offers. So many cushioned floors out there for your best option, with also variety of protection choices and maintenances. To clean cushioned floor itself is not a very difficult thing to do. We clean the floor to properly gets rid of dirt that scratches and mars the floor, to remove dried-up sweat, saliva and other bodily fluids that may lead to illness-causing bacteria. And no matter who you are, if you are not a pro or just an ordinary house owners, the instructions of cleaning cushioned floors won’t be a very hard thing to do.

First, you should prepare the complete tools like broom, sponge mop, dustpan, floor cleaner and rag. It’s easy to get those things, right? Now, how to clean cushioned floors with those things perfectly?

You can sweep or vacuum the surface of cushioned flooring to remove dust and dirt. Set the vacuum to a hard surface setting to avoid engaging the vacuum's beater bar, which can damage a cushioned floor. Now, after that, you can wet a sponge mop with plain water and squeeze out as much excess as possible. For the best result of cleaning this floor, mop the floor once or two times a week. For the last act, dip the mop in the cleaning mixture, squeeze out, mop the floor with the damp mop. Dry wet areas on the floor with a rag.

See, is that really easy thing to do? Besides those very easy steps of clean cushioned floors, you can maintain the cushioned floors by avoid to use detergents when clean this floor. Especially if you know nothing about the contains of detergent. Actually, plain water and mop will work nicely better than the detergents as long as you know the whole process about how to clean cushioned floors.

How to Clean Cushioned Floor, Still in the category of home interior tips, and still in the floor area. The floor is made of fabric, will warm when in use. Commonly worn and used at home for part of the bedrooms and living rooms. But in some homes, the carpet was also placed in the living room area. Floor carpet can symbolize elegance of its inhabitants, depending on the carpet is used, the more expensive will be more luxurious. The floor carpet is very convenient when used to just lie down and chat.

But the floor carpet is also prone to be exposed to dust, dirt, stains drinks and food. Although sometimes dirt and dust is not visible, but there must dirt and gather on the sidelines or the inside carpet. Especially if the carpet had not been cleaned. Then how clean the carpet floor is good? The following tips:

Should suck dust on the carpet once a week on a regular basis, so that the fine dust and dirt do not accumulate. Dust and dirt can damage the delicate threads of the carpet. Use a vacuum cleaner to pump it.

Give or carpet freshener spray once every 2 days, so fragrant and fresh carpet. Should be cleaned thoroughly, every 2 years. And if it is too dirty, wipe with a hire professional carpet cleaners. When washing carpets, plastic wrap should be put under furniture to protect from damp and humid.

Do not walk in that cushion floor which  are wet or washed. Do not be too put a lot of interior furnishings on the carpet. This will cause the carpet shrinkage and quickly become moldy.

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