Maintaining the Beauty of Iron Railings in Your Home

Using iron railings in your home can give a sense of security especially to your staircase design. Not only for security reason, the iron railings give an element of beauty. But what if your railing has become worn or rusty through the years? There are so many options for maintaining the beauty of iron railings in your home. You can do repainting job so it can reverse that aging look. But if you want just cleaning the iron railings, it can be the best recommendation too.

Just remember, only cleaning or total repainting the iron railings, always start with a clean surface. Using the scrub brush, scour away the grime using the cleaning solution and let it dry completely. Then protect the surrounding area, covering it fully with the drop cloth.

Color painting choice also an important point. You can repainting the iron railings with the same color like the original before or change the whole color at all. If you want to change the color, make sure to pick color that perfectly suitable and matched with the whole décor around the area. Black, cream, white with a little bit touch of gold can be the best choice, for casual and elegant nuance in your room.

And don’t forget after do the whole cleaning or repainting the iron railing, to keep your railing rust-free, neutralize the surface by wiping the iron down with white vinegar once a year. Let it dry, and follow with a coat of car wax to seal it. As a general rule, iron railings need to be sanded and repainted every six year, but it also depending on the amount of direct sunlight or moisture they are exposed to. So what do you think? Are you ready for maintaining the beauty of iron railings in your home?

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