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WHAT’S FUN AND SO INTERESTING ABOUT MEXICAN HOME DECOR? So much fun! To make you feel really sure about how Mexican rich ethnicity will upgrade your home décor, here are some reasons why you should pick Mexican home decor.

Warm Color for Paint

Mexican's decor color characterized from Native American influence, vivid colors, and multi-color furnishings, which is indeed a feast of colors and patterns.

Mexican design suits those who want their home to be complemented by colors inspired by nature, orange, blue, sage green, red, rich browns, sunset yellow, shades of black, and vibrant as well as rustic. If you are a type of person with cheerful, free and young mind (especially happy-go-lucky attitude on yourself), Mexican home décor can be the perfect recommendation.

This style for home décor is fun and lovely, give a special charm and really interesting for your decoration at home. Other aspects that make it stand atop the favorite list are its colorful and warm look and the vibrancy it lends to a room. People with young and cheerful mind usually want a home décor style with unique look when Mexican home décor can be the best idea to apply.

However, go through the above-mentioned ideas before you embrace this beautiful décor. Giving a warm colored paint to your wall serves as an excellent backdrop if you wish to provide a Mexican background for your room.

For bolder look to the interiors, try to choose slightly muted or dusky colors but still quite deep and rich in tone, and pastel colors or earthy tones like clay. Combining bright hues with interesting texture like brick or stone accent wall would lend a rustic appearance to your homes. Placing wall decorations is one of the best ways to make the Mexican look more attractive. Wall decorations feature paintings, mirrors, murals or even photographs will harmonizing the Mexican decorations and the entire room in advance.

Fabrics and Upholstery

Colorful carpet, rugs, upholstery, textiles, cushions, sofas and other various decorative items make a brilliant Mexican decoration. Using plenty of hand-woven rugs in varied colors in every room is one of the typical features of a Mexican inspired home. Leather based fabrics, which provide a farm like appearance to the room can also be used. For curtains, you can opt for herbal supplies as a fabric. Being layered and fancy, the curtains will have plenty of Mexican artwork designed on them.


If you wish to have a vibrant and colorful look, painting the furniture in bright Mexican colors would work wonders. In order to get a rustic look, polish the edges using wax and then paint it. Once it dries, polish the waxed areas using a cloth, brush or sandpaper to create a rustic finish. Using natural materials such as leather, rattan, rushes would beautify the rustic look. To make a Mexican inspired home, pick simple but rustic style furniture such as antique pine, pine, cherry and walnut. You can include dark iron hardware such as knobs, external hinges, pulls and brackets to pull off an authentic look.

However, before choosing a specific style, it is essential to understand its depth. Influenced vastly by Central American styles as well as Aztec and Mayan civilizations, this home décor style is not only popular in Mexico, but all across the globe. Extensive use of bright and vibrant colors is what lends this décor much of its charm and appeal.

Other aspects that make it stand atop the favorite list are its colorful and warm look and the vibrancy it lends to a room. With rock-solid structure and natural materials, this user-friendly décor style is surely a win-win one. Moreover, all the Mexican accessories and furniture are economical and easily accessible at online stores and imported shops. Take a glance and make this beautiful art deco a part of your home.


For the best recommendation, pick clay tiles or ceramic tiles that definitely ideal for your flooring. If you want more unique choice, consider to choose patterned ceramic tiles because the idea of pattern style often to be used for make a Mexican design look. You can use this patterned ceramic tiles not only for flooring but also for steps or stairs, skirting boards or base boards and window treatment.

Besides colors, flooring decoration take important part for a perfect Mexican look. For a Mexican flooring style, opt for natural, hard flooring. For the best recommendation, you can pick for clay tiles, ceramic tiles, or limestone for make a Mexican design look. You can use this patterned ceramic tiles not only for flooring but also for steps or stairs, skirting boards or base boards and window treatment.

As incredible beauty Mexican homes where you will find vivid colours and patterns ceramic tiles, you can consider incorporating the same in your home in areas like around fireplace, stairs, baseboards, and under a window. Adopting a classic-style wooden floor will also provide an genuine look. You can choose mosaics and ceramic tile inlays for tabletops. Opting for Mexican terracotta’s in blue and shades of white would also improve the Mexican style.

Mexican Accessories

When you wish to lend an authentic Mexican charm to your home décor, all you need to do is just pick the right artifacts that speaks volumes about the city’s tradition and culture and incorporate them in your home décor. And voila! You have a home décor to die for.

  • One of the best ways to lend Mexican charm to your home is to embellish it with fancy ornamental pieces like potteries or ornate furniture.
  • To lend a more authentic Mexican touch to your room, embellish it with Talavera jars, vases, tiles, wall planters, wall arts, drawer pulls, welcome plaques, etc. The intricate polychrome, the typical blue and white designs, the indigenous floral and celestial motifs reveal an old world charm that is quintessentially Mexican. Whether for home decoration or for day-to-day use, Talavera pottery can make a wonderful addition to your Mexican home décor.
  • To further embellish your home, you can use distinctive Mexican artifacts like Mata Ortiz pottery, Mexican blankets, chimineas, terra-cotta pots and Mexican rugs. Pewter tableware along with pick dishes, jugs and plates can be displayed on the walls and the shelves for further appeal.
  • Adding wooden lighting and woven blankets to your home décor could further enhance the décor of your home. While Mexican weavings and hangings can be used to ornament the walls, Mexican folk art can be made the central point of the room.
  • Add a cactus plant to give the perfect finishing touch.

With Mexican home décor, you can apply the idea with only small budget. You don’t need to break your big budget to buy new yet expensive furniture sets or some branded accessories because Mexican home décor can be created with simple, low-pricey and efficient furniture sets and accessories.

Mexican Living Room

Decorating your living room in Mexican style would certainly be a challenge. If your living room has couches that suits a Mexican style, ensure to cover it using a solid colored slipcover. You can also drape a woven blanket over the back portion of the couch. Decorate the coffee table by scattering few mosaic tiles that serve as a coaster.

Mexican Kitchen

You can decorate your kitchen a the Mexican way by installing a mosaic tile or metal backsplash that would give the place a character of its own. The wooden table can be beautified using a woven table runner and placemats. Placing an attractive Talavera vase or jug would further enhance its appeal. You also can apply this tips for your Mexican-style dining room interior.

Mexican Bedroom

One of the most private areas in your house — the bedroom can be made Mexican by decorating it with rich colors like brown and red. You can further enhance its texture and color by using throws, rugs and woven blankets.