Peacock Themed Bedroom With Luxurious Feeling


Peacock bedroom decor can deliver the luxury and romantic bedroom nuance. Peacock is beautiful animal that can give you inspiration when decorating the bedroom. You can go with various colors of peacock such as amber, brown, green, violet, bright blue and many more. The feather of peacock delivers the exotic effect in the bedroom. You can choose the Indian or Victorian themed bedroom design to infuse the peacock style. You can integrate the colors of peacock with jewel tones such as emerald green, royal blue, or hunter green.

The first thing that you can do is picking two toned wall in the peacock bedroom ideas. The bottom wall can be decorated with bright tone. It can be in green or blue. The top part of the wall can be decorated with light burnt amber. The fabric in the bedroom such as comforter, bedding, linen, area rug, toss pillows or curtain can come in two toned colors too. It is okay for you to decorate the wall with wallpaper of peacock feather. If the bedroom is occupied by a girl, it will be great to have the bedroom equipped with a canopy bed frame. You can have a silk colored curtain along the canopy.

The corner space in the bedroom can be decorated with a long vase. Set some real feather peacocks inside the vase. The color of the vase should be matched with color of feather. Now think about the furniture in the room. You can have it created from dark wood.The sofa can be upholstered with leather material. The wood can be in ebony or mahogany because both present the formal look with dark wooden brown.The toss pillows on the bed can be covered with pillow sham in brown, blue or green color. Peacock bedroom ideas can feature the peacock area rug on the floor.

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