Saving Space in the Kitchen Tips


For some people, saving space in the kitchen will be difficult especially if you have small size of kitchen room. Ofcourse you want the best décor like another large kitchen areas, but actually you can make your small kitchen more efficient with better storage, roll-around work surfaces, better lighting and other space-saving ideas. Here are some tips :

Why don’t you just remove a wall? It will visually opens up the kitchen, making it feel much larger. You will feel more enjoyable and comfortable to chat with other family members and guests, without a wall between you and them, especially when you work in the kitchen.

Not only by remove the wall, consider to use small cabinets than the biggest one. There are small kitchen cabinets with lovely décor and design, maybe can be used for your best installation. If your small kitchen can’t fit with the idea of kitchen island, don’t be sad or worry. Kitchen islands are more popular than ever, but the size just don't fit in with small kitchens. What about use a rolling kitchen cart than a long kitchen island? A rolling kitchen cart will give you many of the benefits of an island and is more versatile. You can move it into the center of the kitchen for food preparation or use it as a buffet table when guests arrive. Then just roll it out of the way when you don't need it. The price also cheap, so it can be the best recommendation when you can’t create a kitchen island.

Last, lighting decoration also take important part to give an illusion your small kitchen look bigger. It can affect your kitchen and saving space in the kitchen. Adding undercabinet lights is a great way to make the countertops more useful while making a small kitchen feel larger.

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