Sewing Your Own Sofa Pillow

You should not be afraid of making something with your own hands to be placed inside your house. You may have some woods to make shelves or table or prepare some paintings and photos for the wall decoration. If you think of decorating your living room, you may try to decorate your sofa pillow. You do not have to be worried of the materials, since it is available in some stores and you can access it without much effort. Here are the following steps to sew your own sofa pillow.

Basic Pillow

To make a basic pillow, cut two squares of fabric to the desired size which proper with your pillow. Remember to include extra for seam allowances. Then sew the two squares wrong sides together and leave a 2-inch opening along one side. Next step is turn right side out and fill with stuffing. For the opening, use hidden stitches or fabric glue to close it. Pick colorful or patterned fabric to make your sofa pillow looks fancier inside your house.

Unique Character

Do not get stuck with plain design! Pick vintage dolls or charm to be placed on the pillow to enhance the vintage look of your house. Just bear in mind that you have to be more careful in placing the old stuffs since it tend to be more delicate because of its old age. Another idea to decorate your pillow is by using fabric pen to write cursive of creative handmade fonts to give unique character.

Paper to Pillow

You can make beautiful pillow by utilizing modern technology. First, use paper to draw your paintings or any designs which you want to have for thesofa pillow. Then scan the results to be printed by custom-fabric painting service. When you get it from mail, this is the time for you to sew it together and fill it with stuffing.

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