Sliding Door for Modern House

SLIDING DOOR an alternative type of door you can apply at home. How to use it simply by sliding. After that, you are directed to stay, want to shift the left or right.

Sliding door has a fairly flexible nature. In a sense, this sliding door not only serves as a door, but can also be used as a window, a wall, or bulkhead. His presence can affect the display space.

Aesthetic space will be boosted by the presence of a sliding door or sliding window is. In addition, the house is also going to look more elegant and luxurious. Only, of course, it must be supported aspects of coloring, materials, and lighting matches.

Sliding door has the same function as the doors in general,  as an entrance and exit. If used as a window, sliding door is useful to "invite" the air to enter the room.

By doing so, the circulation in the house can always be maintained in order to support the freshness and health of the occupants.

In line with the development of architecture, type of door is now also have an aesthetic function. He also can be applied to save the land, especially if your house is quite narrow plots of land. In Japan, a sliding door or sliding window is applied considering there are many land prices are very high.

Applying sliding door does not solely rely on the impression of luxury, but also required a considerable cost so you can get maximum results. Thus, to implement these sliding doors in the house, the first thing to consider is the cost factor occupants.

There are several steps that need to be done before applying residents sliding door. The first, the provision of a hole for a door or window. Retrofitting for sliding door area should be considered. Give practical for reinforcement beam just above the door. This practical beam will be used to put the sliding door.

Next thing to consider is the proper selection of materials for these elements. After all of these things considered, then you can start to make the doors or windows. The latter is the installation of railings or rail line wheels. Rail wheels can be placed at the top of the door or on the floor.

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