Stunning Bedroom Ceiling for Beautiful Decoration


As we have discussed, ceiling designs can bring flattering and beautiful effect in the house, but many people think that ceiling designs for bedroom are not important. If you get bored with the decoration of a bedroom, you can look at the top part of your sleeping room. You can make it look unique with a simple treatment. This is the main neglected area in the bedroom. Most home owners only focus the decoration in the bedroom on the wall, bedding and sofa. You can make the room fabulous by using a new color or texture on the ceiling. If you want a simple point job on the wall, get the inspiration from the French painting job. It is called as Trompe l’oeil.

The meaning of this phrase is ‘trick the eye’. It means that people have to create an engaging painting on the celling which can trick your eyes. You can have the Trompe l’oeil resembling the painting of a stained glass window which can deliver the image of Eiffel tower or a night sky filled with twinkling stars. You can create a good picture on the ceiling if the artist is talented and professional. The home owners who want to enjoy cozy look in the bedroom can choose the pattered ceiling design. You can purchase wallpaper which depicts a certain image to apply on the bedroom ceiling ideas.

Since you choose the wallpaper on the ceiling, the wall should be bare to make the decoration proportional. You can pick floral pattern which can deliver beautiful effect in a girl’s bedroom. This decorative effect should not be overwhelming because it can bother the relaxing mood in the bedroom. If you want to create ethnic decoration, you can have the ceiling decorated with tile. The high gloss painting is another design of ceiling to choose. You can create reflective look with water and shimmering feeling on the bedroom ceiling ideas.

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