The History of European House Plans


European house still becomes a main benchmarks for some for some luxury houses. The interesting and unique style make those luxury, houses become more perfect with some modern touch on some parts of the house. Here are some European House design :

  1. Old Yunani European Architecture

This house style has a main characteristic , dice shape, square which memanjang or cubical. For giving more old nuanced, commonly there are some statues from old Greek period on the exterior part of the house so that it looks dramatically. Actually this house design is inspired from Proscenium and Amfitheater style where usually there are looks luxury furniture, such as sofa with golden color and deluxe dining table with accessories ukiran artistic.

  1. Renaissance European Architecture

Renaissance architecture design more similar with high buildings architecture, such as church or old buildings. Majority of the architecture is dominated with marble materials from pillars until almost parts of its interior design. Just like the commonly characteristic of the house which is not depend on colors, renaissance architecture style only put one color. On the wall part and ceiling of the room usually there some lukisan with high art value, such as lukisan nature, boat, shield, etc. almost all elements of the house is designed really a decorative, so that it looks more elegant and luxurious.

  1. Rokoko European Architecture

Rokoko European Architecture started being known since a couple century ago from France. This design is pretty unique and looks little bit messy where the room setting dark or it could show the Rokoko design which is kental with aristokratis lifestyle. If adopt from the original style from Rokoko architecture design you will see there is a couple tower which have hexa style. But existence of the tower is not permanently. Because many people do not like the existence of both tower, maka as the replacement they use high pillars with large size.

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