The Way to Differentiate Oriental and Persian Rugs

Behind an amazingly beautiful design, rugs are made of detailed construction, origin design and historical workmanship considerations. There are two greatest rugs which are popular and have a pretty unique design. Oriental and Persian rugs are two of the most popular rugs which are mostly wanted by people. However, Oriental and Persian rugs are sometimes said as interchangeably, but actually, there is something that makes these antique rugs to be different.

The Difference of These Almost Similar Products

Oriental rugs are carpets which are hand knotted only in Asia. Iran, India, Turkey, Pakistan, and Nepal are the biggest Oriental rug exporters. China, Tibet and Russia also include in those countries of the biggest Oriental carpets exporters. Basically, Persian rugs are also categorized as Oriental rugs, but Persian rugs are made only in Iran. Hand knotted is the authentic mark of Persian rug. The name of the Persian rugs are given based on the city this carpet were created. As the time goes by, the Persian rugs become more popular and it is produced in many other places. Even though Persian rugs are produced in many other places, these rugs keep its original and authentic name.

Both Oriental and Persian rugs characteristics are including an unusually thick pile. Besides, both of them have rich color combinations and come with a lot of unique designs.

Hence, things that will help you distinguish Oriental and Persian rugs are based on where your carpet is produced and the thickness of the rugs. Both Oriental rugs and Persian rugs have a thick pile, but Persian rugs are thicker than Oriental ones. Even so, both Oriental rugs and Persian rugs are designed with a lot of color which then knotted in attractive and artistic color combination and unique designs. Thus, it is only a matter of taste for you to decide which rugs is suitable to be installed in your living room, bedroom or any other places in your home.

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