Victorian Decor Style for Bedroom and Living Room

Your bedroom and living room look romantic and nice with Victorian decor. The main element of Victorian design lies on the beauty, luxury and richness.

It does not mean that you have to buy the big budgeted items in the store. You can keep it simple with secondhand hand items in antique stores. The overall effect is charming if you can play with bold color in the room.

The living room can be decorated by combining cream, wine red, and hunter green. Decorate the wall with cream or sandy coral color to open up the space.

The hunter green color is perfect to decorate the upholstery, curtain and area rug. You can go with cherry red color for the furniture pieces. Victorian decor for the living room should be ornate.

You can have a floral pattered urn in gold accent to decorate the end table. A bead work can be seen on the edges of your lampshade.

The canopy bed is perfect to define the bed frame in Victorian bedroom. It can be filled with a flattering silk or brocade curtain. You will like sleeping inside a romantic tent.

When you decorate the bedroom you can go with muted tones as the main color on the wall. Avoid the bold colors such as orange and red in the bedroom for both can make you irritated. You can pair the muted tones with gold accent on the bedroom furniture color.

Choose pastel shades if you like to develop the comfortable and cozy mood in the bedroom. You can go with floral pattern on Victorian curtain design. The wall can be decorated with fleur de lis wallpaper if you want striking effect. If you keep the wall in plain design, you can have the bedding in Victorian decor in floral or damask pattern.

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