Victorian Living Room Ideas for a Lasting Legacy

Victorian living room are considered as the lasting legacy for the present people. This style is very old, but it still gains much attention from the people impressed with traditional, luxury and rich home decor.

We know that modern home design can bring updated design at home, but it will never create rich effect. You cannot display the antique and luxury items from the past in modern home design. If you are an antique collector, there is no way for you to apply antique knick knacks and accessories in the modern living room. It can bring contradiction.

The Victorian era occurred in 19th century is one of the best styles in Interior design. People can enjoy a lasting legacy to set inside the curio cabinet. You can have ornate and intricate look on the sofa, table, bed frame, mirror or even area rug. Each item should be rich and elegant.

The selection of fabric should be the finest one. It can be made from velvet, satin or chenille. You can mix different fabrics in the room as long as they present harmonious color. Victorian living room ideas are perfect to show the people your personal taste. You can have the embroidered upholstery on the long sofa.

You can have chiffon or damask to set as the window curtain. It can come in pleated design which brings thick effect in the window. The lampshade used to decorate the end table can feature the floral pattern in maroon color. It should come in heavy structure with gold pleated accent.

You can have the curtain decorated with tassel, ruffles, breadboard or even fringe. It can deliver the busy detailing. You can have the curtain in Victorian living room ideas made in sweet indigo, hunter green, royal blue, dark purple, or wine red. You can also apply Victorian-style to your bedroom to get luxury and classic nuance to your lovely bedroom.

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