Ways to Reglazing Window Sashes

Reglazing is one solution to deal with the problem of deteriorated putty glazing between the wood and the glass on the window sashes. If this problem exists in your windows then you are not dealing with it soon, it could lead to a terrible effect. It could let the moisture penetrate into the inside of the wooden parts of the window. It could makes the wooden parts rot then eventually let the glass fall out of its place.

The ways in reglazing the sashes of a window could be in a lot of variations. One preferable method is to begin with removing the sashes out of the frames. Use heat gun or electric putty softener to remove the remaining old glazing material on the sashes thoroughly. Once the old glazing is removed then look at the glasses and replace any broken pieces if necessary.

Begin the reglazing process by cleaning up the area first. Place a kind of primer first on the window frame before placing a new putty glazing material throughout the sashes. Make sure not to get messy with the glazing materials since it could possibly damage the glasses during the reglazing that will screw the entire processes.

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