20 Beauty Window Valances and Cornices Ideas

There are many things you can do to dress up your windows, one of the things you can do is to use window valances and cornices. Windows are an essential part to any home. Not only do they allow for light to shine into your house, the also allow for air flow as well. The look of your windows can have a huge affect on the look of your home both on the inside and outside. Many people will spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make their windows look great. There are a couple of reasons why you would want to use them so lets take a closer look at these things.

The first reason why you would want to use a window valance is because it can turn an ordinary looking window into something that has a bit a style and attractiveness. A plain window can really look boring but when you add a valance to it, the look can completely change. Valances for windows are basically just pieces of fabric that you hang on the upper portion of your windows. This can be for both decorative purposes and functionality as well. Lets say you want to dress up your window a bit but don't want to obstruct the light from the sun too much or the view of the outside. With things like curtains and blinds, much of the light or view can be blocked. With a valance however, you can make your window look better without blocking out too much light or the view.

Window valances can be used alone or in conjunction with blinds, curtains, or any other type of window treatments. They can come in a variety of different styles as well as lengths. For the most part, you will want to pick a design, color, or pattern that will go well with your window as well as the rest of your room or kitchen. These things are great if you want to make a tall window look a little bit shorter. Although you can pick the length of the valances, you will want to pick a length that wont cover any more than one third of the window otherwise, it may be covering way too much and block out too much light as well as the view. However, you can have the side of the valance go all the way down to the floor if you like. You can do this by getting a window scarf valance.

There are many different window valance styles that you can choose from. The cost will depend on the particular valance that you purchase but most of them can be found for under $30. Many people use these things on their kitchen window. Kitchen window valances can normally be of any type of design or color. It doesn't have to necessarily match with anything and can still look good. You can view the many different choices that are available online. These can be hung on curtain rods and can be easily cleaned as well. There are different materials that you can choose from such as cotton. The look and feel will highly depend on your preference and taste. In any case, window valances can be a great addition to any type of window you may have along with the normal window coverings you may be currently using.

Windows are the gateway for sunlight to enter into your home. Every home needs them. During the day time, it can help save you money by providing you with natural light so you don't have to turn on your electrical lights. Since they are such an important part of the home, you will want to dress them up a bit. This is what valances for windows are for. There are many other window coverings that you can get like blinds and curtains but if you're not looking to completely block off the sunlight but instead just want something that will make your windows look better, then cornices can be what you are looking for.

The amount of options that you have when it comes to these cornices is pretty huge. They can come in different types of fabric as well as colors. There are also a variety of different looks, designs, and styles as well. A valance for windows is basically a piece of fabric you can hang on your curtain rods that will cover the top portion of your window. This can help block some light from coming in but at the same time still provide you will some sort of a view of the outside world. You can also use them to help make your windows look a bit shorter if you have tall looking windows.

Typically, you will want to hang these cornices in a way that will cover no more than a third of the window. Otherwise, you might as well just use curtains. There are some types that you can get that will cover the top part of the window but will also run down the entire side to the floor. This is just one of the different designs that are available. The type of fabric you use can vary. You will ideally want to choose something that will be relatively easy to clean. Preferably, you want it to be machine washable. This way, you can save money from having to take it to the dry cleaner.

Cornices for windows can be bought at stores that sell curtains. If you want a better idea of the different choices that are out there, you will want to want to look for them online. The price will depend on the type of material as well as the quality. Not all cornices have to be made from some type of fabric. You can also get wooden cornices for windows as well. What you choose will just depend on the look of your home and what will look the best. Either way, dressing up your windows a bit can definitely improve the entire look of your home.

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