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Mirror placement in bathroom is very important. It is thought to be associated with wealth, health and happiness; and if it is placed correctly it symbolically double those aspects. On the other hand, it can do a lot of harm if it does not put in the right places.Some placement of mirror believed to be prominent factor of bringing negative energy, while some are considered perfect to invite positive energy. And it has already proven scientifically that mirrors can make or break energy within your house. To have the advantage of mirror inside your house and avoid the negative aspects, here is the best tips for bathroom mirror placement.

General Rules

In general, to have a good mirror placement there are ten stuffs which the mirror should never reflect, they are: doors and windows, bed, toilet seat, flames in the kitchen, another mirror, clutter, dirty drains or other unpleasant views, poison arrows or sharp corners of furniture or walls, distorted or unclear image and body of the tallest member with his head cut off.

Bathroom Mirror

In fact, this is not advisable in decoration rule to have bathroom mirror, particularly inside the room. However if you think it is necessary, you have to keep it covered. The mirror should never reflect the toilet. To avoid multiplying the dirty energy, make sure that a large mirrors mot reflecting toilet. It means that you should not see your entire body when you are sitting on the toilet. Placing a bathroom mirror outside the door is considered good, as the mirror pushes the energy away from entering the room. It means that the energy is prevented from going down the drain. As a suggestion, place a big mirror on the outside of your bathroom door for the Chi to move to other rooms.