Kids Play Room on The Attic

If you have a small kids, you need to think about some extra space for playing. As the kids grow up they need more space for fun and games. When planning the design of children’s room, first you need to think about functionality – the daily activities of the child, the furniture, as well as additional items that allow for more comfortable carrying out activities. Then follows the design aesthetics of the space, the colors and shapes that have the entire space to give you a note of fantasy. If you don`t have extra room or extra space for that purpose, we suggest you brilliant idea – why don`t you transform your attic into amazing kids playroom.

Before you get all excited about the idea of banishing the kids to the upper regions of the house, you'll first need to determine whether your attic is room-worthy. With a tape measure and flashlight, go on up there, making sure you step only on the edges of the boards - these are the ceiling joists, and they should support your weight easily. But if you step between them, the ceiling may not support your weight.

The next thing to consider is the light in the attic. No matter what, the light in an attic will not be as good as it is in the rest of the house. Once you get the go-ahead from the necessary authorities, the first step may well be to install a skylight, and once you do, you'll know much more about the rest of the look of the room.

The next step will be the walls and the flooring. You will need plenty of insulation in the walls, if you plan to use the room in summer. For flooring, you can choose anything you'd choose for the rest of the house, but making an attic over for a playroom necessitates using a flooring material that's durable and easy to clean. One idea is to use laminate flooring, one that looks like wood, marble, or painted wood, and yet is super-easy to clean. To make such a playroom really work, you'll want to have loads of floor space. Don't crowd the room with a lot of furniture.

Of course, you'll also need lots of storage room for the kids' toys. Like the windows, this may take some creativity, as you'll want any shelving or cabinets to fit in with the slanted ceilings in order to make the most of the space. If you can afford custom-made shelves and cabinets, this is the way to go.

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