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When we talk about nursery bedroom, of course that’s the time when we’re with our baby. But what about use minimalist as décorating theme? Well, maybe it can be your best idea to apply!

Minimalist nursery décor can be your great choice even for kid’s bedroom or their playroom area in home. No need to hire a professional designer to décor and make it, you can do all process by your own self.

You can make minimalist décor from the wall decoration. For instant way, get simple wall paint or wallpaper. But if you love creative ways, you can paint the picture or you can add simple ornament from cardboard cuts or vinyl pictures.

Get décor stuffs from modern-theme also can be your best application. Now so many stores that sell home décor stuffs with minimalist theme like rugs, carpets, curtains, posters, photo frames, clock or even big furniture sets like sofa and sculptures.

If you have kids, don’t forget to bring your child’s opinion about the whole process of home décor. Know the point of view from child's eye level to enrich your plans and concept theme. With them, you can discuss about the detail of ornaments they want or they don’t want to add, also you can deal with the process of space and position after discussion with the kids.

Décor minimalist nursery also can feel complete with the best choice about color schemes. Pick the best colors for wall, flooring, or another parts of the room area. Combine each other and make sure the color really suitable for the minimalist theme you want to add for the room.

Besides that, minimalist home décor also can be applied not only for the kids but for everyone who loves minimalist theme and want to apply it directly. With good directions about lighting and color combination, the best decor result will fit with your expectation.

Cute Wall Decor for Nursery Room

SO MANY CHOICES FOR WALL DÉCOR ART. Figures and ideas about animal usually can be applied for your best consideration. One of the best ideas is cute, especially for your nursery bedroom area.

Cute wall décor for nursery bedroom area is interesting, unique and lovely. cute cartoon roles like Dumbo, Ella, Horton become their role model and cartoon idol so they know it so well. They are cute, big and funny so kids will love to see the cute ornaments around their room atmosphere.

For cute wall décor, if you don’t want difficult way to apply it you can use wall decals or vinyl wallpaper with the cute ornament. But if you prefer to do creative things about the cute wall décor, maybe you can paint it by yourself or cut the paper and shape it like a cute silhouette. After that, just attach the paper into the wall. Voila! You will get lovely cute wall décor easily.

But of-course, there is another plenty of cute art in every style and size you can add too. Or if you want to complete the look of your baby bedroom area, you can add cute rugs, bedding, bags and ride-on toys. What about colors that suitable with the cute wall décor? Well, neutral and soft colors will be safe decision, but for nursery bedroom area, pastel colors will be much more fun and lovely. Avoid dark and old colors like black, brown and dark red so the baby bedroom still has its cheerful and bright side. Make sure you don’t pick it wrong about the color decision because color and wall décor will affect each other.

Overall, cute wall décor for nursery bedroom area will be great reference to apply. Decide the specific concept, do the right process and apply it with deep consideration. We wish you will get the best yet perfect result!