31 Modern Ceiling Design Ideas for Beauty Appearance

The modern ceiling emerges a magnificent idea to beautify and customize the look of an interior. The ceiling might not be the most popular interior element to be modernized, beautified, just decorated. However, it will be such a brilliant plan to be unique, to be different, by presenting a great ceiling concept in your house.

Some people are not concerned much with the presence of home ceiling. Ceiling is considered as one of ignored architectural designs in the house. Many people love to focus their attention on the wall and flooring rather than on the ceiling.

There are many ways to make the room appealing. One of them is by decorating the ceiling. The right ceiling decoration can make the room look larger. The first type of ceiling is tin ceiling. This is the perfect style for the people who want to enjoy luxury and expensive ceiling design. It can be made in various colors. You can have it to resemble the appearance of copper, gold, and silver.

Notice your home interior design. Either it’s small, or large, with a down, up, curved, or straight ceiling design. It all will be a crucial factor to determine the kind of the modern ceiling consisting of the shape and color of the ceiling that you’re about to apply. For a dramatic effect, the dark colors will bring the eyes look directly at the upper part of a room, while lighter colors will make the eyes look around the room first and then the ceiling.

If you want simple look, you can choose tin ceiling made in mocha, burgundy and white tone. The people who want to adorn their lower leveled room can choose suspended ceiling. It can be used for rooms like basement and attic. You can have it made in imaginative pattern, framed wooden material, elaborate pattern, metal pieces or even fresh design. If you want to carry majestic style you can have the suspended ceiling created in dome shape or even curved shape. The last type of home ceiling designs is stucco.

Many people use this style for exterior of your house since it can deliver the traditional feeling. If you choose it for the interior design, you can pick the popcorn style. The ceiling is not expensive since you can polish it. If you want to bring fresh look, you can opt for the mural on the ceiling. It can deliver the majestic and grandeur look if the mural is made in medieval, traditional, and ancient appearance. If you want to deliver simple and nice home ceiling designs, you can choose for the crown molding in intricate pattern.

For a room that has a varied ceiling altitude, or for the houses that have the open floor concept, the most practical way to divide the room and another can simply be done through the different-colored ceiling method for each room. Consider using the different tone, for example beige and dark brown, for the ceiling that has different attitude to yield a more attractive visual appearance.

This could be the ultimate idea of presenting the modern ceiling design, by making the ceiling as a painting canvas. Either it’s murals, abstract, or even sky and clouds picture, the ceiling is a blank canvas to be your media to explore your creativity and talent. But, if it turns out that you don’t have such a talent, but you have more budget, consider using a painting artist or muralist to distribute your idea and concept into the big canvas in a shape of a ceiling.

Many people are a bit confused when they have to handle the slanted ceiling designs. The people living in a small house should maximize the usage of the rooms.

If you live with a big family, you need to provide extra room. It will be nice if you can use the attic. But some people face difficulties when they have to handle the room with its unique and slanted ceiling. The people who have very long attic at least 24 feet can optimize and remodel make attic room. If it is less than 24 feet, will difficult to remodel the attic.

The slated ceiling is not a weakness if you can bring this unique architectural design as a part of your decor. When you want to choose the furniture pieces to adorn the ceiling designs, ensure that you have taken the exact measurement of the attic room. You can fill the space with a chest, a bed frame, closet and dresser. Pick the sleek, straight, and clean ones if the attic is small. You can make the attic room appear larger if you can play with light colors. You can paint the wall in pink color if the extra room is for your girl. If it is intended for your boys, you can paint it with yellow or blue.

If you want exotic look in the attic room, you can install mirror tile. It can reflect the light and make the room appear wider. Don’t forget to install a small window to flow the air and natural light during the day. The window covering can be in sheer curtain. Avoid the placement of thick curtain since it can block the light. If you want the slanted ceiling stand out, you can apply crown molding. It can make the bedrooms ceiling designs more durable to view from any angle when you open the window.

The ceiling is defined as a boundary area between the roof and the room below with the altitude ranges between 2.80 to 3.80 m. For a modern house, the use of ceiling is crucial. Because the modern home interior design prioritizes the aesthetic aspect of every element, especially the foundation elements like the ceiling.

It's main function is to maintain the in-house temperature conditions from the sunlight that shines on the roof of the house. The hot air in the attic is detained by the ceiling, so it doesn’t directly flow into the space underneath, so that the room temperature is maintained.

Ceiling also serves to protect the house from the water seepage coming from the roof and neutralizes the noise on the roof when it rains. In addition, the ceiling can help hide the electrical installation and the roof structure, so that the interior space look more beautiful and also protected.

Here are some ceiling models that you can apply in order to beautify your modern house:

1. Plywood ceiling

This ceiling type is the most commonly used ceiling type ue to its simple design and cheap price. The advantage of this type is the simple installation and it’s easy to find with very cheap price. The inconvenience of this type is flammable and it’s not water-resistant.

2. Glassfiber Reinforced Cement Board (GRC)

Currently, fiber ceiling has been widely used. In the application for the house ceiling uses the GRC board (Glassfiber Reinforced Cement Board). The price is relatively cheap compared to plywood. The GRC ceiling is resistant to fire and water, and the installation process is quite easy.

The GRC board is not impact resistant and it’s still hard to find in some particular areas.

3. Gypsum ceiling

Gypsum ceiling is a type of the ceiling that has been widely used to cover the ceiling. The advantage, when it’s attached, it has a surface that shows no joint which makes it artistic and elegant to be applied. The installation process is quite easy too. The weakness, it’s not water resistant, which means it can be easily damaged when frequently exposed by water seepage. Once it’s damaged, not all the builders can fix it, it requires special expertise.

Modern ceiling can bring fabulous style in the minimalist home decor. Unfortunately, many home owners give only little attention for the ceiling design. They love to adorn the floor, window and floor. Ceiling can deliver the bold statement in the house if it can be treated perfectly.

You can bring a new dimension in the room with new decor on the ceiling. People can grab the grandeur and fabulous effect if the ceiling is decorated. You do not need to choose the intricate decoration for the modern ceiling. Use the contemporary and minimalist style for it can suit with modern house characters.

You can create conservative design by picking the dropped ceiling. It can be decorated by using metal to deliver the futuristic effect. If you want to bring new dimension on the modern ceiling, choose the glass coat. It is made from woven glass fiber. You can select a particular color suitable with the main shade in the space. The ceiling will be treated with sheet of fabric to deliver new texture that wallpaper cannot create. It can deliver the contemporary sense since the decoration looks modern and fun.

Faux ceiling is considered as the affordable design for your ceiling. The faux finish is used to imitate a particular material like wood, stone, marble and brick. If you want a classic style on the ceiling, you can choose the faux brick finish. If you want to deliver the luxury feeling in the living room faux marble finish is great to have. Even though it is affordable, you need to hire a professional people. Not all of the lay people can present the technique. You can enjoy a glass looking style in the ceiling if faux finish is perfect. It can deliver the shimmering look for your modern ceiling.

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