Change the Attic Becomes Living Room

The house in the attic for the rest of the area generally be oversight. The space was designed to make the house temperature is not too hot. However, limited land make us generally try to exploit the residual area anywhere, not least in the attic. As long as you know what will be built, the attic will be more functional and certainly alluring.

One example, utilizing an attic into a family or living room. The main activities of the occupants such as sleeping, cooking, and eating was on the bottom floor, while in the attic used as a family room. small family room measuring no more than 25 m2 of space has the shape of a trapezoid. This is because the shape of the saddle roof sloping towards the middle of the building. As a result, there is a section that has a ceiling space with low altitude. To that end, the owners covered by utilizing the low part of this by placing furniture that is not so high as shelves and sofas throughout the attic. Attic space utilization becomes maximum

Your attic will feel more attractive if you add some windows and other natural light sources. This will allow natural light into the room and can also add ventilation. Facing to the north and east, you will get a soft light. If face to the west and south, you will get too much heat when the late afternoon sun. So, make sure to put windows and other natural light sources appropriately.

Well, if you want to be as a family or living room, make sure the space can accommodate heavy load of each article to be saved. But the most important high maximum ceiling of the attic space because the effect on the function to be used. Because it is just below the roof, this space is likely to warm during the day.
The attic can be used in different ways if you can plan for them properly. Everyone would love it if all the places in the home can be beneficial for a good cause.

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