Know More About Colonial House

Have a house with Colonial style seems look really interesting and unique. House architectural with this style is effected by Netherlander who had been colonizing Indonesia, for long time. That’s why that things gave so many effects to the development of the country. Those effects made some mix between Netherlands culture and Indonesia culture. That mixture was presenting an art which really amazing, Colonial House Architectural.

This Colonial House Architectural has a special characteristic on its interior design, form and its material structure. Those things which make any differences between colonial house design and Indonesian house design.

House with colonial style usually consist of main room and additional room. While, colonial house design plan is also closed . The plans shape is also symmetrical with a lot of rooms. Those rooms will elongated and categorized. And then, the main room building faces to the large yard of the house, and the additional rooms stand in line around the main room and faces to the inside part of the house. The wall of this house is a couple or more of bricks which thick, whether the roof of the house is like saddle and a pyramid. This house also has tower and dormer. The materials of this house are bricks, glass, iron, and marble floor from Netherland with plain colors. Floor or plain marble are used for the main room while which have motif is used for the additional room.

The colonial house architectural was also being inspired and adopted Neo-classic style. This neo-classic style is a house design which oriented with roman and greek style. Some design inspired from french house exterior that typically described as a rustic blend of old and new. House with colonial design is usually and commonly built on the area which have space 1000 – 10.000 m2 with a beautiful garden with beautiful flower arrangement.

House with this style is also often being completed with special area for bird, so that you can enjoy the morning and evening moments safe and soundly from song of the birds. Those things are several differences between Colonial House design with another house design .

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