Unused Bottle for Light Up Your Dining Room

Bottle is one of the non-organic waste which can not be decomposed. But the bottle is made ​​from a material derived from plastic or glass is often used as a beverage packaging. If the drinks had been consumed what about the bottle? certainly will lead to a new litter.

But in fact we can juggle the bottles as decoration in the kitchen and dining room. Here are some ideas decorative kitchen and dining room are made ​​from bottles which can light up your dining room.

  1. Flower Vase

As a flower vase. replace the paint in the bottle by adding scratches and images which will be put to the body of the bottle. Or leave the bottle as it is with just peeling the brand packaging. Add a little water to the bottle, or add a bit of color if the sand is used as imitation flower vases.

  1. Accent Lighting

Accent lighting. The light is too strong of a light bulb can cause discomfort for the occupants. The lighting design was created to soften the light in your kitchen and dining room. How to make them, cut off the bottom of the bottle, and place the bulb or candle.

  1. Torch

Torch or light paste. Fill the bottle with kerosene or cooking oil. Give wick oil burner on the bottle. Create a mat to put bottles on the wall.

  1. Candlesticks

To create a bottle that can be used for unique candlestick, that you need is a glass cutter. Simply by cutting off the bottom of the bottle and put a candle in the neck of the bottle. This candlestick will add to the romance at the dinner table at dinner time.

It is so easy right ? only with some unused bottles you can make your own DIY arts for your dining room and kitchen.

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