Confused Over Flooring? Try Hardwood


When we talk about flooring, many people confused over flooring because they want the best material and result for the flooring decoration. There are so many types, styles and options about flooring choice, but why don’t try to use hardwood material? These are good reasons why you must choose hardwood for flooring decoration :


Hardwood material is so clean, soft, and wider than other types of flooring material design. But reason why so many people prefer to have hardwood material because it’s much easier to keep a hardwood floor clean than other materials. If you want to clean it by yourself, it won’t be a difficult problem because hardwood material is easier to be cleaned, with brush or vacuum cleaner.

If you feel interest about this type and want to install it, there are three different styles of hardwood flooring you can choose. There are strip, parquet and plank. The Strip flooring can also be known as linear flooring. The benefit to use the strip flooring is it will give you an illusion that your room look bigger and better. Spacious and special, that’s a name for strip hardwood flooring. What about plank hardwood flooring? This one can be the best recommendation too, according to its wider design. But parquet hardwood design also great one, these hardwood pieces forms geometric designs, range from glue down five-sixteenths inch to a glue and nail down three-fourths inches.

So, what do you think? You still confused over flooring? Try hardwood flooring and you will know that’s the best decision for your whole flooring decoration. We guarantee you will love the result from this hardwood design and make you feel more comfy in your own home. Hardwood design can be used for any type of rooms, especially for living room and bedroom, for make comfortable and extra cozy look. Good luck!

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