Small Space Solution: Kitchen and Laundry Room Combo

The laundry room is one of the corners of the house of the most important, because the area is devoted to washing. The elements that appear essential furnishing of laundry are undoubtedly the washing machine, a washtub for washing by hand, a folding drying rack or wall, there where you have space, dirty laundry baskets (even better if you divide in white, colored and delicate) and lockers where you can organize and sort the washing detergents.

Beyond the model of the washing machine or mobile, must be considered before choosing the good disposition of the home environments and where to find the necessary space-and discrete-to place the utility room.

The most frequent solution is to save space in cash in appliances that can also be hidden through the doors. Washer and dryer in the kitchen may well be making the room more functional without, however, affect the aesthetics.

Also the ironing board can be inserted into a cabinet. It is usually removable and contains a door where storing the iron and the rest of the equipment. This could, for example, be placed in the corridor that, being a transition zone, does not require window or a ventilation system.

Equipping and furnishing them intelligently the utility room is very useful, as you can to save on space and time. And possible to use modular additions so that we can manage the space dedicated to the laundry according to your needs and tastes.

If you do not have rooms and special rooms, there are marketing the space-saving solutions, such as washing machines equipped withdryer, washing machines horizontal, top-opening.If space is small, you can stretch and dry their clothes elsewhere. Usually this is common in the apartments, where we get the laundry in the bathroom, but in homes with more sizes, the laundry is dedicated a room, usually located on the ground floor.

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