20 Art Deco-Inspired Living Room Design and Ideas

Nowadays, we may often hear that everything can be recycled due to the green campaign of the earth. However, which can also be recycled is not only your mineral water bottles, but the interior design trend can also be recycled, so that there’s a phrase “everything old is new again”.

What we’re talking about is the classic interior design, especially one of the most exceptional interior design ever innovated called Art Deco. When it comes to Art Deco architectural design, what will cross your mind is the impression of elegant, luxurious and classic. Therefore, many homeowners still cling to this concept, so that their homes seem very distinctive on the onslaught of the modern minimalist concept.

The Art Deco is actually inspired by the architectural concept of the ancient Egyptian, which was reflected by the design of the King Tut’s tomb in the Giza Pyramid. This was stimulated many architects, interior designers, fashion stylists, painters and many more, to adopt the ancient Egyptian concept into their works.

One of the most stunning in the Art Deco style is the furniture style. In the glory era of Art Deco, there were many furniture artists that gave great contributions to the Art Deco Furniture style. For example, Jacque-Emile Ruhlmann, which was well known due to the utilization of exotic woods integrated by the sleek carvings. Another great artist was Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, which preferred the utilization of steel and chrome as the principle furniture components.

However, one thing for sure, though there were many furniture artists that had their own concept, Art Deco furniture design always have its main characteristics until now. The typical geometrical shape is inspired by many cultures, featuring Egyptian, Mexican and African. Beside that, Art Deco furniture design is always composed and accessorized by high class wood, metal and plastic material.

  • Art Deco Dining Room With Wingback Chairs And Crystal Chandelier (View 1 of 20)
  • Art Deco Living Room With Pink Zebra Rug (View 2 of 20)
  • Contemporary Art Deco Living Room Interior (View 3 of 20)
  • Art Deco Living Room With Patterned Wall (View 4 of 20)
  • Art Deco Living Room Decor For Modern Apartment (View 5 of 20)
  • Art Deco Living Space With Velvet Sofa And French Chair (View 6 of 20)
  • Contemporary Formal Living Room Art Deco Inspired (View 7 of 20)
  • Fashionable Art Deco Living Room (View 8 of 20)
  • Glamorous Art Deco Living Room With Tufted White Sofa (View 9 of 20)
  • Glamorous Gold Accented Art Deco Living Room (View 10 of 20)
  • Midcentury Living Room Decor With French Art Deco Chairs (View 11 of 20)
  • Art Deco Inspired Living Room With Elegant Bold Chair (View 12 of 20)
  • Elegance Art Deco Living Room With Dramatic Fireplace Features Pieces Of Beveled Mirror (View 13 of 20)
  • Leather And Velvet Sofa In Art Deco Living Room (View 14 of 20)
  • Cozy Blue Theme Art Deco Living Room With Mirrored Coffee Table (View 15 of 20)
  • Living Room With Art Deco Inspired Gas Fireplace (View 16 of 20)
  • Minimalist Art Deco Living Room (View 17 of 20)
  • White Art Deco Living Room With Fireplace (View 18 of 20)
  • Modern Dark Gray Living Space With Art Deco Influences (View 19 of 20)
  • Modern Art Decor Inspired Living Room With Living Room With Swirl Pattern Area Rug (View 20 of 20)

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