20 Couture Wedding Cakes Ideas

Without a doubt, designing a wedding cake is one of the most fun parts about planning a wedding – along with tasting cakes, of course! From whimsical to traditional, elegant to beachy, the possibilities for wedding cakes are truly endless. These are some of the most wonderful wedding cake designs. Hopefully you will find inspiration for your own wedding cake within these pages. The wedding cake is one of the focal points of the reception. The cake is much more than mere dessert; it is a work of art. For the most elegant cake, take your inspiration from bridal couture.

You want your cake to really make a statement and be memorable. Brides also want their wedding cakes to feel personal. The perfect blending of these two desires is to design a cake that ties in with the bride's gown. A talented baker can create a wedding cake that will mimic your favorite detail of your wedding dress. For example, let's say that you have chosen a gown with a corset back. Imagine a tall wedding cake with elaborate ribbon laces criss-crossing down the front of it. You could choose a classic color combination like a white cake with pale blue ribbons. The ribbons themselves could be real, or created from frosting.

Brides who have chosen wedding gowns with beautiful lace detail can use that as the inspiration for their cakes. A finely rendered lace pattern can be handcrafted in fondant and laid over a cake in a contrasting color. This is an absolutely stunning effect, and will make your cake very romantic in appearance.

Many of the other details on a wedding dress can be mimicked on a wedding cake. If you have bows on your dress, consider a simple cake with a piece of frosting ribbon and a tailored little bow on the base of each tier. This type of decoration looks especially pretty when each tier is adorned in a different color.

Choose your favorite detail of your bridal gown as inspiration for a custom wedding cake.

A variation on the bow theme is to have one giant three dimensional bow on the top of the cake with ribbon streamers flowing down over the tiers. It is incredible how life-like a baker can make a sugar paste bow look, and your guests will be very impressed.

One of the hottest trends in personalizing wedding cakes is to pull out a detail from the bridal jewelry for the cake decorations. A very classic design is a white or pale pink cake trimmed with white frosting pearls along the base of each tier. That is the epitome of restrained elegance in a cake; if you prefer a bit more detail, have your baker decorate the rest of the cake in a Swiss dot or a lattice pattern to complement the pearl trim.

Crystals are certainly very popular with brides, and many like the idea of having their cake wear a fancy decoration that is reminiscent of their bridal jewelry. Almost any style of wedding cake will look smashing adorned with a custom crystal monogram cake topper. Another option is a dazzling crystal crown to top your cake, which is very regal. If you really want your cake to shimmer and shine, it is possible to have your cake designer coat with it with a shimmer powder to catch the light.

A wedding cake with draping, pearl jewelry, and blossoms will be a showstopper at the reception.

When you are looking for ideas for your couture cake design, don't forget about the groom. A black and white cake could be very chic if the groom will be wearing a tuxedo. Or perhaps he will be wearing a tie with a great print or stripe that could serve as a starting point for a fun cake design. Once you put your mind to it, you will find that there are many wonderful details in your wedding ensemble that could serve as inspiration for a couture wedding cake.

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