Wonderful Wedding Cakes Ideas

The hottest trend in weddings these days is personalization. From unique gowns to custom bridal jewelry to specialty menus, brides are finding ways to make every element in their wedding tell a story. One of the best elements to customize is your wedding cake; it is literally a blank canvas just waiting for you to make it uniquely yours. These are some clever ideas for personalized wedding cakes that you and your guests will love.

One of the ways that brides and grooms like to personalize their weddings is by writing their own vows. Another idea is to recite the same vows that were exchanged by the bride or groom's parents a generation before. You take it one step further and incorporate a meaningful set of vows into your wedding cake design. Give your baker a copy of your vows, and ask her to write them on the cake in a beautiful calligraphy. If you want them to be easily read, choose a dark color like chocolate icing on a white fondant for contrast, or allow the vows to become a more subtle pattern by using a low contrast color, such as an apricot lettering on ivory frosting. Here some ideas for wedding cakes that you can be inspiration for your wonderful wedding.

  • Couture Wedding Cakes - A wedding cake with draping, pearl jewelry, and blossoms will be a showstopper at the reception.
  • Chocolate Wedding Cakes - The great thing about a chocolate wedding cake (besides the taste, of course) is that it can work for any style of wedding depending on how you design it.
  • Classic Wedding Cakes - Classics are timeless and enduring for a reason, however, and that goes for cakes as well. These elegant classic wedding cakes are so lovely that you just mind find yourself forgetting the whimsical cupcake tower and opting for a good old fashioned wedding cake instead.
  • Floral Wedding Cake Ideas - Pretty floral adornments are always popular for cakes, but certain types of embellishments do tend to go in and out of style. Check out the latest floral wedding cake trends.
  • Creative Groom’s Cake Ideas - One of the hottest things going for weddings these days is the groom's cake, which is actually a longstanding Southern tradition.
  • Modern Mixed Pattern Wedding Cakes - The mixed pattern wedding cake is a simple enough concept. The result is fresh, fun, and funky. It looks absolutely contemporary, yet can be used with very retro or classic patterns.
  • Scrumptious Seaside Wedding Cakes - Whether you are having a wedding by the ocean or just love the water, there are all sorts of fantastic ideas for seaside themed wedding cakes.
  • Wedding Cakes Inspired by Nature - What could be more lovely for a cake than decorations which mimic the beauty of the great outdoors? These are some wonderful ideas for gorgeous wedding cakes inspired by nature.

Lettering can be used to customize your wedding cake in other ways. One of the most fun is to have the newlyweds names boldly emblazoned across the largest tier of the cake. On the adjacent tier, print the wedding date, and perhaps use a special motto or message on the third tier. This will look particularly nice when done in your wedding colors, and the result will be a truly one-of-a-kind cake.

Maybe you have always believed the old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words". In that case, your photos can be used to decorate the wedding cake. Small black and white pictures can be attached to the cake behind frosting "frames" with vintage styling. Engagement pictures, pre-wedding photos in your gown and tux, and even pictures of your parents on their wedding days can all make excellent additions to a very unique and sentimental cake.

Custom wedding cake toppers are another really fun way to personalized a cake. You can have toppers specially made in a huge range of styles. They can be anything from life-like miniatures of the bride and groom in their wedding attire to cartoony characters engaged in a favorite activity, such as bowling or fishing. Whichever cake topper you choose, be sure to find a place of honor for it in your new home. It will bring back happy memories of your wedding every time that you see it.

Custom colors are another idea for adding unique character to your wedding cake. Many brides will choose a color that is meaningful to them and carry it throughout their wedding. Use your special custom color to enhance everything from your bridal jewelry to your bouquet to your bridal shoes. And of course, be sure to feature your color on the largest bridal accessory of all: your wedding cake.

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