25 Floral Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cakes and flowers have gone together forever. Pretty floral adornments are always popular for cakes, but certain types of embellishments do tend to go in and out of style. Check out the latest floral wedding cake trends.

One lovely look for floral wedding cakes is the cluster of fresh flowers as the cake topper. For those who are not into a bride and groom topper, this is a beautiful traditional alternative. Handmade sugar blossoms are gorgeous of course, but the trend right now is to use a cluster of fresh flowers, especially on a buttercream cake. It is pretty hard to improve on Mother Nature, after all, and the fresh flowers are also more economical than the sugar blossoms. Classic wedding flowers like roses and hydrangeas work particularly well as a cake topper.

Cascading flowers are a huge trend for floral wedding cake decorations right now. The cascades tend to be more modest than has been the style in recent years. A single row of blossoms dripping down the tiers of the cake is the look, rather than a massive cascade. The cascade effect is most often designed in one or two colors, with the cake being a third color (often white to showcase the flowers). This is a cake design that works equally well in a modern fondant or an old-fashioned buttercream frosting.

A simple but lovely way to decorate a wedding cake with flowers is to perch one or two blossoms at the base of each tier of the cake. Due to the minimal use of flowers, the cake may include another detail. A colorful ribbon wrapped around the base of each layer is a pretty way to dress up a simple cake. Another trend is to pipe a row of frosting “pearls” around the base of each cake tier. It is a pretty complement to pearl bridal jewelry, and is just enough to help the cake feel complete. Either fresh or sugar blossoms can be used for this type of wedding cake decoration. Since you do not need a large number of blossoms, it would not be prohibitively expensive to have the baker
hand make the blossoms if you prefer that look.

A sprinkling of tiny flowers all over the sides of a cake is another wedding cake trend. It is very sweet and charming, and is delightful for a spring wedding. The design is often done using flowers with an open petal form, along the lines of daisies. The flat shape tends to look better on the sides of a cake, since they are not visually “anchored” to the top of a cake or the base of a tier. Allow the petite blossoms to be scattered in a random pattern. Most often these floral decorations are made of sugar to allow for control over the scale of the blossoms. A cute finishing touch is to have frosting pearls dot the center of the tiny flowers, like pearl bridal jewelry for the cake.

Finally, if you are having a floral wedding cake, remember to decorate the table around the cake with coordinating flowers. Scatter petals on the tablecloth or mound fresh flowers around the base of the cake stand to complete the design. The result will be a wedding cake that is pretty as a picture.

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