The Complete Guide to Remodel Your Bathroom


Bathroom is a very important room. And same like another rooms, bathroom need so many elements to make it a very great area. Not only by using faucet, bathtub, some cabinets, mirror or by choosing the best tiles for décor, and the lighting décor also give very important effect. One of the most important parts of the bathroom interior design is the flooring. You must think about it as detailed as possible since the floor is the area to stand.

Apply bathroom interior ceramic tile for those who have a limited budget. In fact, ceramic tile is cheaper than other flooring materials. This has a lot of modern pattern. You can get it easily in the material store. Cheap prices and the various model are the main attraction of it. Bathroom ceramic tile has different pattern and texture with ceramic tile for another room. It has an uneven surface. It allows you to stand and walk comfortably on the wet tile flooring without worrying to slip.

The designs and motifs of bathroom ceramic tile must be in accordance with the bathroom decor. If you like classical decor, choose ceramic tile with floral and leaf motif. Additionally, you can choose pastel colors that can give the impression of exclusivity. These colors are also perfect to beautify shabby chic decor. Some people combine this decoration with modern furniture design. Pastel green combined with beige looks very pretty. Besides the floor, it is also suitable for wall covering. The wall will be protected from moss and bacteria by applying Ceramic Tile Bathroom Interior Ideas.

For a modern decor, you can choose chevron or boxes motif for the entire bathroom flooring. The pattern of black and white or black and red can be a unique option. Ceramic tile is durable material that resistant to heavy pressure. It will not break when exposed to the crunch. All you have to do is to use the right method to clean the grout. If you do not like to use chemical solution, you can make a solution from the mixture of natural ingredients such as salt and lime.

Have you ever thought to apply the open state bathroom? It is time to try this unique design. Bathroom with open state is designed with a futuristic style that is close to nature. The first idea that you can try is to combine the design of the bathroom with swimming pool. It will provide a very interesting view. Use a large glass door as a barrier between the bathroom and the swimming pool. Some designs use a sliding glass door to give a dramatic effect. Another option is to apply a frosted glass door. After a swim, you can directly go to the bathroom to get cleaned up. It is more effective than separate design.

This design is still rarely applied because of privacy reasons. Open state bathroom severely limit your privacy because it is connected to the outdoor living. Therefore, you should choose a strategic location to apply this design. Make sure that it is protected by concrete walls and fences so that the other people can not see your personal activity. You do not need to put a lot of property. The most important furniture is bathtub and bathroom sink. Separate the bathtub to wet area for shower to maintain your privacy. Discuss the best design with interior designers. Perhaps you will get a lot of input and reference when discussing the concept with them.

Open state bathroom can also be combined with a sauna space. By enjoying the natural freshness, the sauna activity will be more enjoyable. Add aromatherapy candles to optimize your relaxation. Put a few vases of flowers and potted plants as part of the decor. Choose flowers that give a natural fragrance to your bathroom such as lavender or jasmine. Open state bathroom will be a favorite relaxing place, especially for those who love freedom. The sunlight and wind that directly hits your skin will leave an unforgettable sensation.

Bathroom Lighting

BATHROOM is a very important room. And same like another rooms, bathroom need so many elements to make it a very great area. Not only by using faucet, bathtub, some cabinets, mirror or by choosing the best tiles for décor, the lighting décor also give very important effect. So let’s get the best proper bathroom lighting ideas to produce unique sensation!

Well, we can say there are so many choices about lighting. Like for the best recommendation is bathroom chandeliers.  Bathroom chandeliers can be the best recommendation when you want to add special lighting decoration sets to your bathroom area. If you want your bathroom look wonderful and full with luxury look, the bathroom chandeliers will work out nicely to make a final result. Chandeliers give new and special accent to your bathroom area, so although you have small size of bathroom, with great chandeliers, it will make your small bathroom look better and cozier with that best lighting sets. But if you have bathroom with large size, it will be a lucky chance because the bigger your bathroom, it will make the better lighting decoration that improve the whole view.

Not only chandeliers, the idea of using simple ceiling lights for bathroom area also perfectly awesome. Ceiling lights will give efficiently lovely sight but in the same time will give casually elegant nuance. Fits for classic and elegant bathroom interior.

So what do you think about choosing the best lighting for your bathroom area? There are so many proper bathroom lighting ideas to produce unique sensation and give perfectly beautiful atmosphere like you want.  Do you love the idea of chandeliers for bathroom or prefer another design style for lighting sets? We totally hope you will get the best lighting products as you really want and completely will improve the shining look of your whole bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your house. This is not only about how you can bath there but also you can relax yourself from your busy days. This makes your house to be more beautiful and also comfortable for you and your family. As you want also a functional bathroom, you will have to provide everything in good condition. In decorating your bathroom, there is something you don’t have to forget to decorate. This is about your bathroom vanity. Choosing the bathroom vanity which is beautiful is recommended. It is more recommended for you to provide a good lighting for your bathroom vanity.

Your bathroom vanity can be chosen from the best one. But, without the best lighting you will not have the best lighting, which can affect your performance when you miss a makeup touch or get untidy hair style for your performance just because your bathroom vanity lighting is dim. Tragically, the simple thing like toothpaste can also be undetected in your face if you have a dim lighting in your bathroom vanity. This makes you to provide the best lighting system in your bathroom with bathroom vanity lighting guide.

There are two kinds of lighting you can have in a bathroom. This is about the central lighting as a lamp in the centre of your ceiling and also the bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanity helps you to check your performance before you get ready for your daily activities. In this case, the lighting can be placed on the top of the mirror, on the sides, or even you can make the mirror to be looked like it is surrounded by the light from the lamps. Choose the colour of lamps which is not too bright, yellow can be chosen to give you clear sight without making it to be brighter for you.

Bathroom Sink

Remodeling your bathroom choosing your new kitchen sink is the great idea that you may apply into your bathroom. Maybe this answer is quite funny or nonsense but you may try by yourself that it is the unique choice for refresh your bathroom. For your information, all the kitchen sets had unique and different models of each product. It is not impossible for us to make some different of using a kitchen sink to the bathroom. The bathroom will be more cheerful and bring a fresh idea, we suppose.

If you want to try this interesting remodeling your bathroom choosing your new kitchen sink concept, you can to buy the new kitchen sink in the furniture shop. Buy the best sink that suitable to your bathroom. You may ask the salesman about the strength of the sink since it will not apply to your kitchen, anyways. Make sure that you are buying the right and perfect sink for your bathroom sink. Ask the salesman as many as you can to make sure that it will be safe to your bathroom or not. Do not afraid to ask them. That is your right as a customer, actually.

Choose the right model kitchen sink for your bathroom might be a little bit difficult but you can also check some models from the internet. There are a lot of kitchen sink models that suit to your future bathroom style. In the other hand, we suggest you to not buy from online shop. Even though it has a great model, but it does not mean good quality. You still have to look it in real because sometimes it is not as we ever thought before. Thus, do not buy this important thing from online shop, there is no one will take responsibility if your sink is broke or not as you ever thought.

Bathroom Faucet

HOW TO CHOOSE GOOD BATHROOM FAUCETS? We know that faucet really offer so many options and design choices about bathroom faucets but you want to get the best bathroom faucet that suit with your taste and will.

First, to choose good bathroom faucets you should know all options about bathroom faucets design. You can click the official website, see the whole catalogs and options about the bathroom faucets.

For materials, you can choose nickel, chrome, brass, bronze, stainless for your best recommendation. There are also choices about colors, design and multi function of the bathroom faucets.

Price also become your very first problem. Don’t fall for bathroom faucets with very expensive price when in other side, you have alternative option. There is a bathroom faucet with expensive price but there are bathroom faucets with great and friendly price. They can be your best recommendation. So make you think deeply before choose the best faucet.

What about the design and nuance of style? There is a bathroom faucet with brass material and a touch of gold tones to give an elegantly classic style. There are also some bathroom faucets with vintage décor, modern or stylish look or even some casually chic ones. So you don’t have to feel worry about the design options, you get so many choices in your own hands.

Feng Shui

There are lots of people who choose to build their house with the guidance of feng shui. They think that feng shui is very important to create peace, comfortable, luck, and balance. The main prospects of the principles of Feng Shui is to balance yin, yang and the flow of chi. Color is the main aspect because it provides powerful energies that can flow and lead to positive or negative energy vibration. Feng shui also helps you in creating positive impacts in your house. Color has an essential role in coloring rooms in your room. Besides as the interior of room, color will also impact into our daily.

For example, you feel confused in choosing what wall paint color for your amazing modern bathroom design. You have known that this bathroom has become one of today lifestyle. So, they should design the best one for their bathroom. According to feng shui, bathroom will look good if they choose several colors, such as white which describes you about cleanliness and fresh atmosphere. Then, green will tell you about relaxation, and blue describes you about relaxation and calm. Those colors in the Feng shui principles mean to create balance energy in creating a harmony environment.

However, there are also few of colors which are not suitable to use in your amazing modern bathroom design, such as pink which describes you about romantic situation. You should avoid pink from your bathroom and kitchen. Pink seems as a private color. Then, purple creates romantic and cheerful, so it is better for you to give in your bedroom. Both of yellow and orange will create cheerful and happiness, so it is good for dining room, kitchen, and kids playing room. Thus, every people always have their own ideas in creating their comfort in the bathroom. How to design your bathroom backs to your own desire.

In this era, interior design becomes more developed that before. People not only design their dining room or their living room, but people started to design their kitchen and their bathroom in a luxury way. Actually, this is not a new thing when we see people who design their bathroom nicely and sometimes they also spend a lot of money on it. It becomes another problems when the people try to renovate their bathroom with the style that they need, it probably need a big cost to renovate it. So, we need a strategy to manage their bathroom renovation cost.

When you decide to renovate our bathroom and want to manage the cost, it is better to start it with make the design. Make a good design that match with your style and can make you feel happy on it. Make the list about the things that you need and do not forget to check the cost of all things that you need in your bathroom design. It will make you easier to manage the cost and prevent the cost that too expensive. It is also better to you to make the limit about the cost.

Sometimes, the design that you want does not match with the cost that you have. So, you need to be flexible with your plan. When you face the reality that the design that you want does not match with the cost limit, you need to change your plan to another plan. Change the materials that probably need more cost with the other materials that have cheaper cost. Become flexible with your plan will really help you to manage the cost, so you can get a bathroom that match in your style with the cost that also matches with your budget.

When you redecorate your bathroom or your bathtub, you need to compare the previous looks and the final looks. Bathroom and bathtub refinishing is very important for you, because we will know how much the damage that has occurred to the bathroom or your bathtub. Then, you can also keep the reviews to avoid from the previous bathroom and bathtub problems. Repairing both will spend lots of your money. That is why you should be able to maintain the cleanliness and use of all your bathroom appliances in the bathroom wisely in order to keep your money.

There are lots of problems for bathroom and bathtub. For example, you have a leaking bathroom. So, you need you change it with the new one. You should change the bathtub with the new one. Other problems of bathroom like the wall paint. If you have felt bored with the wall paint of your bathroom, you should decorate it with the new one in order to make your bathroom looks fresh and more comfortable. Bathroom and bathtub refinishing review can also use to compare your previous bathroom with the newest decorations. Design your bathroom with today design, such as the modern design, contemporary design or classic design. Make your bathroom looks fresher, comfortable, and clean.

However, before you redecorate or redesign your bathroom or bathtub, you should consider several things, such as the expense and time. You should consider the expense which you are going to spend for redecorating your bathroom. It is better for you to list all of things that you need in order to save your money. After, you will think that, redecorate your bathroom needs few hours. In fact, you should also assume the time for redecorating your bathroom and other appliances in order to make you can use the function of bathroom.

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